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Job Questions

I would appreciate a class on Resumes and what kinds of words are better and how to best market oneself on a single sheet of paper. What the most important items are to make a Resume stand out and how to word things in the most effective way?

I agree. I did discuss this in class as part of marketing yourself. The importance of key words. Resumes read by computers. We have a place at UNH that will help you on your resume. Key words can be found on the internet. This technique is a reaction to stories pushed but perhaps not followed by the government. It is the computers fault you were not selected. Returning the blame to you.

Do you feel that through creative marketing we can attract prospective American college students to pursue a degree in geography since the US has such a shortage of them or would we have to make it part of our story to make it effective?
Yes that is part of it but the other part is creating jobs in the workplace for geography. The government is a master at this. Corporations then follow. For example it is my belief that geography is a far more important form of marketing segmentation. Market segmentation is useless today because we have not modeled it on geography skill sets.

What is the best way to market yourself in a breakthrough industry?

Put yourself in the position to be seen and part of the group.

Can you give a description of the type of jobs you would be able to find in marketing?

Currently, that I am aware of. Sales, product manager, and researcher.

What opportunity is there on the employment side of the marketing field?

A great deal if you think of sales.