Recently I was scouring the internet in search of Marketing seminars. Some of which being rather dull and uninteresting. I would like to say that I have found a lot of your talks on Google very interesting. I really enjoyed your discussion on Joseph Campbell because I have read a Hero With A Thousand faces and I found it fascinating. At the moment I am re-reading it and taking notes.

I have also seen the Corporation which I thought was very interesting. Have you seen an internet documentary called Money Matters? It is very interesting. The basic premise being that the English and American banks are privately owned, so they control inflation - nothing to do with the government.

I was wondering if you could tell me about any good books worth reading, in the fields of marketing (or any for that matter)

Have you watched all of the Joseph Campbell videos? I have only watched two but I am thinking of buying the title from Amazon because from what I have seen it is fascinating. Simply the Idea that Joseph Campbell was George Lucas' mentor seems fascinating to me!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Hello JT
Yes I also enjoyed the "Hero with a Thousand faces" a great deal.

I also read and saw the video "The Corporation."

I will take a look at Money Matters tonight and give you feedback.
Did you go to my website yet?

There is probably 1000 hours of learning on the site.
I would be happy to help you in any way I can.
Any questions just ask.
I will put your questions and my answers on my site. I will not use your name.
All the best,

QUESTION: Do those with social status have a different education than the consumer class?
ANSWER: Far different.
ANSWER: They must be prepared to take their position in the social elite.

I am interested in this area of your website. Can you tell me in which ways the education is different? What types of books, lessons the social Elite would have to read? A lot of the things mentioned on your website are very interesting. I found it very powerful about how children are attacked for having the right brand names! This is so true.

Look forward to your reply

There are many ways the social elite are educated that are different.

An emphasis on the liberal arts. History, arts, classics, other cultures' ideas and literature, philosophy, religion and much more.

Take a look at a Yale undergraduate education and compare that to some big state schools.

The elite education teaches them that life is connected and nonlinear.

The rest are trained in a linear area of specialization.

Let me know what you find out. If you want to call me you can for free on dmorris693 .
You can try Skype any time. I may be on the computer. It is free.
Happy to help in any way to answer any questions.

(Above) I think I was trying to say attacked for not having the right brand names. Not for having them. I will check.

Let me know what ideas you like also?

If you see something that does not make sense let me also know?

Thank you very much for your swift reply.

At the moment I am looking for a Marketing Position within a company. Although I am slightly against the role of Marketing, I am also with you in the sense that it is the most powerful medium in the world and is utilized by everyone - most without even knowing it.

Do you have any advice for interviews because I am sure being a Professor, you are aware of the certain things that companies look for.

Also, could you tell me you favorite websites, books etc because I am interested in where people get their influences.

P.S: I will be passing your website onto my friends because I think there is a lot of really interesting information on it.

Hello JT
Are you a graduate from college?
I am not suggesting that this is imperative just asking.
How old are you?
Have you had work experience?
Do you have time to donate to a nonprofit organization?
Have you looked at companies and how they are marketing?
My current thought is that many companies are not too successful in marketing on the web. They are probably looking for people that can help them in this area. (Marketing through the web.) Not necessarily doing the actual work but good at identifying what may or may not work. ( It is always a guess.)
Three areas to look at and begin to identify what is going on in marketing.

1 Factual But not Truthful
3 What is said without saying.
examples on my site

Pick any company or organization on the web that you do not know about. Look only at their website and try to figure out how that company is doing?
My theory is that it is not what is said but other factors in marketing success. The story that is told without being told.
If you can begin to identify the story told without being told you will know a secret of marketing.
Why was something added and not added to a website? Not added also tells a great deal.
Where are they discussed and by who?
You have to become a diviner of past and present actions taken and those that are not taken.
Also trying to figure out the real reasons for actions. Remember no one ever tells the truth. No one. It would be stupid to do so because to do so would help your competitors and enemies. You cannot lye out right under oath and in certain ways of writing. This is why the corporates very seldom go off script.

But they do tell stories that may have many meanings and interpretations.