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Lexis Diner

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor would go to Newburgh, New York to visit his mother. As he crossed the Newburgh Beacon Bridge he would stop in the Lexis Diner in Newburgh for apple crumb pie. They were remodeling and the conversation came up that they had to change the name of the Diner.

Some people were in the Diner and love the food and took pictures and wrote an article in a Lexis Auto Magazine. Shortly after this the owner was contacted by Lexis Car Company and told that they must change the name of their Diner that they had for many years.

The owner began to fight this and his lawyer fees got up to $30,000. He was told that he may be able to win this but it may cost up to $100,000. He change the name to Alexis Diner.

Marketing Application INDIGENOUS

Many companies will go after any firm that they believe to be using and benefiting from there name. While this appears to be extreme it is using a trademark as a form of gaining market power. This common and interesting aspect marketing is not mentioned in American marketing textbooks. In Irish marketing books yes.