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The Differences in Linear and Nonlinear Storytelling are Reflected in
Our Actions Toward Self and Others


Marketing and Storytelling Defined

"A nonlinear storytelling approach applies 6+ or -3 I's to an alpha and omega assembled story.  The I's are invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved. The first story we learn is told through our DNA." DM

Game Theory
The human ego is so connected to our alpha and omega assembled stories that we cannot bring forth a competing story without great resistance. Game Theory has entered secular thinking in the USA without a whimper. Military strategy, economics, biology, genetics, and business are all jumping in fast and hard. Converts are coming forth from everywhere as fast as those chasing a gold rush.

As humans we see what we look for as long as it supports our story. The Game Theory story continues to advocate the same underpinning as they have before that truth is linear, rational, scientific, and can be identified and repeated through numbers. Game Theory supposedly started in World War II in England. Game Theory explained the Cold War with the Soviet Union as rational self interest. As both sides were escalating their ability to kill the other it was believed that individuals would not destroy them self by attacking the other.

The star Russell Crow played one of Game Theory's thinkers that won a Nobel Prize for his Nash Equilbria in the movie Beautiful Mind. John Nash suffered for many years and was hospitalized with schizophrenia and paranoia. There was no mentioned in the Wikipedia article but in the video on google produced by the BBC "The Trap" John Nash was said to work for the Rand Corporation. According to "The Trap" this is where Nash and his ideas took hold.

Rational Self Interest

The key words in Game Theory are individual, rational, numbers, secular, material, and linear. Game Theory starts with the assumption that all individuals act in their own rational self interest. Wow what geniuses. Anyone that has had a child would agree that we start out in life with almost total self interest. To assume that this is a rational decision seems to be unfounded. If you know of a theory that claims rationality to the infant please let me know? Humans must become adult members and give back to their family, society, and the world. This is the goal of many of the great stories.


Economics has always gotten away with the idea that that they can begin with an ideal state. From this ideal state they can then compare, contrast, and forecast. Once this ideal state is identified numbers can be applied to assess and predict. Now economists like Game Theory where the ideal state is self interest.

Game Theory assumes an ideal or perfect state in which people are always going to act in their own self-interest. Many in economics like to use the Prisoner's Dilemma as an example of Game Theory. Two people are arrested for a crime. They are offered to go free, 2, 5, and ten years in jail. If neither confesses they both get two years in prison. If both confess they both get two five year terms. If you confess and your partner does not you go free and the other person gets 10 years. Game theory is supposed to predict the outcome of this dilemma when two people are presented with the same set of outcomes.

The real problem I have with Game Theory is in the hands of evil if both of the accused are totally innocent what is the outcome? I have actually seen this type of thing happen to others and to myself. Not with the consequence of prison but to take a chance of continuing to be falsely accused as a professor and face legal battles or retire. Stalin was a superior player of Game Theory but did not get credit as its creator.

Expectations and Reactions of Other Agents

From the perspective of the storytelling theory of David Morris it is impossible for us to escape our alpha and omega assembled story. This leaves us in the position that in no way can we determine what is rational to a competing story holder. What we may consider not to be rational my be perfectly rational from the context of another story. Even more precisely the concept of rational is embedded in a story. There are many stories that do not claim rationality or claim that rationality can be understood by humans.

Within my own alpha and omega story of Christianity it is acceptable that it is not for us to determine why or why not God has made a decision for or about us. "Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven is called the Our Father or Lord's Prayer in my Church.

Who are These Game Theory People?

There are several groups from my perspective in no order. The first are simply opportunists and perhaps psychopaths. They will say and do anything that they think will help them at that moment in time. The second are not that well informed about their own or any other story. The third are collectively evil and will use this or any other story to expedient gain and keep collective power over others. The forth group believe that it is a new idea that will help others.

The collective view that continues through the Game Theory story and their previous incarnations is anti individual. Such theories as behaviorism, materialism, secularism, and linear memorization are part of a movement. This movement breaks down all actions and behaviors to numbers. Numbers are their truth. At least that is what they say?

To be a linear follower one must appear to always be moving forward. Instead of actually moving forward these story holders say the same exact things using a new language with different terminology. When this happens they really change nothing. Their underlying view remains as it was. New terms like node, initial node, terminal node, sub-game, payoff, and outcome are deemed to be a new improved linear strategy.

The Death of Why?

This entire website is dedicated to making the comparison of monolinear, polylinear, and nonlinear. A monolinear approach is one acceptable model from which an action may be accomplished. The monolinear thinker separates and emphasizes hierarchy only utilizes information and a method from agreed upon known resources.

The polylinear allows for several competing monolinear models each separate and hieratical applying their own unique agreed upon resources. Polylinear competitors have a loose truce while continuing to fight to attain total monolinear control. The current military and corporate functional specializations and sub-specializations are a good example of the polylinear because each area follows their own separate solutions. There are minimal if any acceptable crossovers or combining of resources. Each works from their own information and methods.

The nonlinear thinker is one that selects and assembles from all known and unknown resources at any moment in time. The key words are known and unknown. From the point of view of David Morris method is held constant and there is no agreed upon resources.

Of course every story makes it clear what is acceptable and unacceptable. The secular elite have used individualism to destroy individualism in the masses. A storytelling approach that is nonlinear can open its followers to the concept of drawing from many sources.

Game Theory Monolinear and Polylinear

Game theory is trapped in the monolinear and polylinear.









If you have a different view of Game Theory please e-mail me and I will answer and post. I will keep adding as I learn more.


Game theory followers are playing games with our lives. DM