Ask a Professor


Is marketing an art or a science?

Both science and art tell a story. Science is no more or less a story.

How does marketing affect my life?

Marketing has always been part of every story.

What story are you following and how does marketing reinforce that story?

The Christian story.

Who/what are leaders in marketing?

Academic marketing has leaders in academic marketing. This real leadership in marketing comes from the military and private consulting firms.
How does marketing relate to me?

Marketing tries to reinforce a story for you to follow.

What would life be like without marketing? 

Life without direction.

How do you calculate market share?

Percent, units, or dollars. The issue is how and who do you include in this calculation. Easy to deceive self and others.

What are some marketing firms?

Look on the internet for all kinds of marketing firms.

Do you think the saying less is more can apply to marketing? I mean isnt it possible that some people may be turned off and less apt to purchase a product if they are flooded with marketing of a particular product?

Again it depends on the story. If the story is consumption then less is not more.

Since I am not marketing major, what is the simplest definition of marketing?

For me, marketing reinforces a story.

What is the next big marketing trend?

Marketing as storytelling.

Robots looking and acting like humans. Japan is very far along on this. They will start taking the place of human workers.

What is the best approach to marketing?

Do not spend anything that you cannot afford to loose 100 percent.

Why is marketing so important to how a business operates and makes money? 

It is only important if it is successful. Another important component is to get others to take marketing actions that assure their failure.

What is marketing?

Reinforcing a story.

What is the most compelling way to market a product, psychological needs, functional needs, or needs that competitors satisfy least?

All these have to reinforce a story. They are all derived from the following of a story.

What is the most cost effective way to generate revenue from marketing?

Start with the least cost for your perceived gains.

What does marketing consist of?

According to me Form, Force, and Power.

Why do people not understand how much money the government spends on marketing?

Not talked about in marketing and the media.

Why is marketing so important to how a business operates and makes money?
Again only if it works. By works I also include deceiving others into following a form of marketing that will fail.

How do companies market?

Most do not market as you or I would think. It is generally done through market power.

What are the advantages of marketing?

Depend on what this really means. Email me.

Is there that certain time of year where Marketing is the busiest?

Yes, on government supported holidays.

What does the American Marketing Association do?

Protects academic marketing from change.

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Most would say that marketing includes advertising.

Do you think the marketing techniques that are used in this country are effective?

No not unless we can change their story. This is the big fight.

What is the best way to select a marketing consultant to help you establish a story?

I do not know. Most will tell you anything. I suppose it is to work with me to start.

What is the best way to market? (Internet, TV commercials, mail, etc.)

No one knows. The answer is that it depends.

Is it true that businesses today invest more money in finding new customers than in further developing current customers?

Yes I think so.