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Marketing the Faculty on the University of New Haven Web Site

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a marketing professor returned from Russia in 1996. When he returned he puts many things on his University of New Haven web page. What was required was for the faculty member to send the web master the material to put on. Many faculty would not do this and therefore they did not have anything on the UNH web. For many years my information was the only faculty information on the website. People would contact me from all around the world with all kinds of questions and requests.

I suggested in a School of Business Meeting that the Web was a great resource for us and we could do much better in marketing through the web than more brochures. It was then said that I was searching for self aggrandizement. I went to the Dean at that time with an example of a web page developed by a student of mine. She hired him as a graduate assistant to work on the Business School page. After that I do not know what happened and what happened with University politics. In 2005 a marketing colleague was attempting to have professors learn to upload information to their own UNH web site. A new Dean was hired and he said he had different ideas for the web site. I then noticed that my main page remained on the UNH site but all links were removed. The new president has made it clear that all forms of communication from the university will be controlled.

I was not informed and did not have a chance to back up the links. I contacted the webmaster to ask if I could get the pages to put on my own site.

To: UNH Webmaster
From: DM
May 15, 2006

I saw that several pages of mine were removed from the UNH site.
I want to put on my site. Can you email to me?

To: DM
From: Webmaster
May 16, 2006
What are the URL's of the pages that are no there?

To: Webmaster UNH
From: DM
May 17, 2003
Hello M:
If you go to my page on UNH site you will see the following links. For some reason they were removed. Please send to me so I can put on my website.
Keynote address (Please Send)
India Anniversary Poem (Please Send)
King of Thailand Student Project (Please Send)
The Celtic Circle (Please Send)
Nonlinear Thinking in Globalization of Markets (Please Send)
The Secret of Planning Poem (Please Send)
David Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing
Web master sent to me. Look under King of Thailand Poem on this site.

Marketing Application INDIGENOUS

It is a management philosophy of how much control a University should have over all its communications. I do agree that all forms of communication of an institution are extremely important and they should be monitored. As usual from a mechanistic view Universities cannot conceptualize that the story told must appeal to their current and potential customer base.

So much can be done that can create a marketing story on the web that would be more attractive and appealing to potential and current students. The removed items from my UNH page were in my view a positive representation of a marketing faculty member. From my experience I was contacted by many outside people and moved the information on. This creates an environment where those that enquire have a created story that is different than the mechanized view of web pages. We set up web sites like we were the Borg.

The bottom line is as an institution they can do as they wish. My observation is that leadership could perhaps make marketing in a more effective to potential students. It does not have to be my way at all.

There could also be other reasons why my web site links were removed. One wonders. We are now assimilated and resistance is futile.