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Marketing Myopia Fabricated? Data Supports Fabrication

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor pondered. Stories are created that support our world view. This is especially true in academia. When I first became a marketing professor I could not believe that the leadership of business were stupid enough to not attempt to enter new businesses such as the airlines. No one had ever challenged the top selling article published by Harvard Business Review. It was all simply taken as truth. Even after the historic inaccuracies were identified in an article by yours truly it made no difference. At the time the author was the editor of HBR. I sent the article specifically to him and he rejected it. Storytelling Power.

Marketing Application IMBALANCED or INDIGENOUS

Do not believe any research or so called research. Find out on your own. This article is one of the best examples of unsupported research that was created to push and reinforce a story. What does this say for other Harvard Business Review Articles? What story is HBR pushing and why? They have been effective by using the name Harvard to bring forth nonsense. HBR edits and rewrites everything that go into it to assure a consistent story. Most authors allow this because of the prestige that follows. Even me in a small way. I wrote a critique of an article by Michael Porter so I do know first hand.

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