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Marketing of Values: New?

The American marketing mantra of consumption is the driving force behind our economy. Consumption is emotionally individualized with each of us convinced that it is our decision. One may even suggest that current marketing encourages and reinforces individual over consumption. As a rule if a new idea in marketing is readily accepted by the academics, consultants, and the corporate status quo nothing has or will change. For example those in all aspects of marketing have identified that there is political and economic power of faith based initiatives. Their will now be countless changes in terms and definitions of products that marketing will profess are faith based solutions. The Jesus TV show is only the beginning of what will come. If the show was a success Jesus would be selling cars today. This is all they know about marketing. Using movie and athletic stars to sell a products is nothing new for the current marketing geniuses.

Marketing Strategy has not changed since World War I and the Creel Committee. They have been successful at convincing large numbers of people almost anything. Marketing and public relations firms have simply applied the same techniques and move people to a so called new product. The reality is that their has been no change in the products.

This technique has been successful by simply changing the language while everything else stays as is. The same products simply incorporate different language to identify with these new emerging constitutes. The beer commercials are now asking people to drink and drive responsibly. What company would spend money to curtail their sales actually knowing that this act will be successful at reducing revenue and profits. Would you?