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McDonalds is all over the world barley leaving any stone unturned. Can another country in some way ban McDonalds or any fast food company from building and corrupting there country? 

Yes, many have tried to keep McDonald's out. It seems that McDonald's gets around this and they enter and prosper. I believe that they ally with a powerful person within the country.

Dr. Morris,
This is my first question of the required six relating to the course. I am in MK 300 Principles of Marketing that meets 5:30 to 9:30 Tuesday nights.
We spent a lot of time talking about companies introducing their product and its story to the culture and story of other countries. We also spent some time discussing symbols. Now, McDonald's uses their golden arches for people to identify with. How would the company (or any company) deal with introducing their product to a country where that symbol had a negative meaning (such as, the golden arches are a symbol for a devil)?
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I spent about one hour so far.
This is what I found.
McDonald's is considered the symbol of America in many countries. This is not seen as a positive image.
I saw where the arches were linked to a culture but it was not a devil symbol but a male symbol.
I have always thought of the gold as representing wealth.
The double arch can represent a female symbol.
I will look up the symbolism of an arch.
Do you know of a specific reference to arches and the devil.
An arch could be thought of as an entrance to a new life or world.
As I said a symbol of two arches could look different. McDonald 's and the devil. If not then I would think McDonald's would have resistance to their logo.
Why not email the head of McDonald's marketing and ask if they have had any experiences like this and what would they do?
Of course you can use my name and that you are a student.
Very good question.

Dr. Morris,
I apologize I did not make the question very clear. I was only using McDonalds and the golden arches as an example.
I do not know of any particular cases where a company logo had a negative meaning of some sort in another country. I was just curious if you knew of any and how a company would handle that situation.
Thank you!

Hello Again:
There must be many cases of where a company logo has had a negative response. I will look and see what I can find. Yes symbols are both individual and cultural specific. The best example is the swastika. In India and many places it is a symbol of life but in the USA it is representative of Nazi Germany. I do not believe a firm from India could use this symbol in the USA. They would have to change it. Although the Nazi symbol was on an angle and the Hindu symbol is not.
Still a good question.