Ask a Professor


Do they teach marketing at the West Point academy and if so do they use the ADDIE model for marketing processes?

I do not know. I looked up on the web the courses at West Point and as you know it is an engineering degree. As far as ADDIE I could not find anything.

What is the militaries marketing budget for recruiting? Do they employ people from top business schools or do they use contractors such as outside firms for advice? It is very amazing how effective their recruiting is, they know just how to target the right people by telling and showing them what they want to hear.
I am sure that they do many different things. One advantage of US military philosophy is that they incorporate and bring in many different areas to explore solving a problem. This is not true of business and education.

How does marketing and business gain from ventures in space? After all companies donate money to help fund NASA programs.

It is believed in the USA that military does the research and then the private sector benefits from that effort.