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My Celtic Circle Logo

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a marketing professor decided to acquire his own logo. Marketing was said to be a matter of product differentiation created and reinforced by a logo. This is also called a trademark. I paid a trademark lawyer more than two thousand dollars to help me acquire the rights to this symbol. The symbol was created for me by a wonderful artist Kathy Stock. I did not give her any instructions at all of what to create for me. She created the above logo and I was immediately aware that this was very special and would impact and change my life.

I thought that this logo would mystically impact others as it had me. I began to create all forms of clothing and jewelry with this logo on it. Shockingly no one wanted to spend money to have anything with my logo on it. I began to ponder why? What made one logo desirable and another worth nothing to someone else? Could it be a product and not the logo where the value really lies? Was the logo just a form of recognition and all that was required to do in marketing was to create a superior product?
I knew that this was not true because I had a Mercedes-Benz and knew that it was not worth anything near its cost. So maybe it is what all the consultants say, perception? The Mercedes is perceived to be worth much more than other cars? But how could anyone who actually owned one be happy to find that they had been taken? How could so many people keep such a secret about the real value of a product that they had know that they over paid?

Marketing Application INDIGENOUS

The secret was that they wanted to participate in an ancient story.