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Nero 7 Ultra Continues

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor purchased Nero 7 Ultra from Amazon.com.
Dear Nero Sales

Yes I did register before for Nero 6. I purchased Nero 7 and erased my Nero 6.
Nero 7 does not work so I went back to Nero 6. I did not want to ask Amazon for my money back for Nero 7. I e-mailed Nero and they gave up on Nero 7 after a while. Went back to Nero 6. So I need the mp3 encoder for Nero 6 again.
All the emails are on my website marketingandstorytelling.com. Now I will add this one.
David Morris, Ph.D.

March 2 2007
Called Amazon and asked for another copy of Nero 7 Ultra. They will send a new one to try.
January 25, 07
Sent me the disc to fix Nero 7 Ultra, Still does not work. I tried to help them but could not. Will return Nero 7 Ultra to amazon.com. This is life, it is extremely difficult to help anyone. They must help themselves. I am not their Professor. Their Professors' failed them. Moving on.
Marketing Application
I gave up and sent both back and bought Sony product.