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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

We Pretend to Change Our Story


Marketing and Storytelling Defined

"A nonlinear storytelling approach applies 6+ or -3 I's to an alpha and omega assembled story.  The I's are invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved. The first story we learn is told through our DNA." DM


Once every year a new concept comes forth that everyone wants to be part of that new concept's success. These concepts change like clothing styles. Remember quality, behaviorism, the marketing concept, BBG Matrix, marketing myopia, mission statements, competitive advantage, supply and demand, and planning to name a few. Two current new right way words are neuroscience and game theory. Everyone is adding neuro to identify neuroscience with their separate linear field. Many more to come. I would define this as a linear interest in the brain and nervous system applying scientific methodologies and measurements. When will this concept be replaced by a new one? Soon.

Neuroscience as a concept can be justified everywhere because of its interest in the brain and nervous system. From a storytelling point of view neuro anything is nothing new. Many new technologies have allowed imaging of the brain. While it appears to make sense that these technologies can enhance human knowledge it will fail. Neuro is imbedded in a limiting alpha and omega story we currently define as science.

Game Theory

When people believe they are successful they forget their previous fears. They are then influenced to justify the same coalitions of power that were found lacking in the past. Before the depression in the United States in the 1929 business was allowed to flourish without constraints. It took a depression and a war to come to some kind of balance between business interests and that of sharing with the larger society. After World War II we decided that we were masters of the universe. When the Soviet Union collapsed we were told it was accomplished by the genius of game theory. Nobel prizes went to game theory proponents John C. Harsanyi, John F. Nash, Jr., Reinhard Selten, Milton Friedman,  Robert J. Aumann, and Thomas C. Schelling.

Game theory has currently replaced the concept of the unique complex and moral individual with the theory that we all act in our own self interest. This self interest they postulate may be both collectively understood and calculated. The only common denominator that keeps this universal self interest under control is the fear of other person acting in their self interest against us. Game theory was used to explain the escalation in cold war and mutually assured destruction. As long as both sides remained afraid of each other decision making can be predicted with game theory. Each side then lives in a sort of harmony.

Game theory advocates propose that a perfect environment is the one where fear and self interest is at a very high level. Chaos and destruction create the ideal human conditions where game theory may be effectively applied. From the position of a game theorist moral, economic, political, environmental, religious, and military strife is most advantageous. Continual disruptions brings real freedom to each individual in the market place. Each consumer is then free to vote directly with each purchase decision. The roll of the corporation is to find and fill the needs of individuals.

Back to Neuroscience

The field of neuroscience offers the ultimate in human freedom, the fountain of youth. Many Noble Prize winners. The linears must pretend to be constantly moving forward by saying the same thing with a new vocabulary every few years. The real clever ones incorporate more than one of the currently 'in concepts" within their discipline. I checked google for the words "game theory" and "neuroscience" together and found over 160,000 hits. None of them have a clue about the influence of their particular story and how it impacts their decisions.

Neuroscience and game theory converts believe they can attain truth by looking at the brains of people while in the process of deciding in their own self interest.


Neuroplasticity is a concept that the brain can be changed and modified through selective external interventions. The brain begins as a very simple receptor that is influenced by our environment. According to current thinking early sound exposures influence the form of the cortex of the brain. When these sound exposures are changed they influence the development of our language skills.

It is thought by researchers that as we find success our brains selectively creates models or standards. When these standards are identified by our brain they become fixed unless there is an intervention that stimulates plasticity. The contribution that is proposed is that with interventions are brains can regenerate and overcome many degenerative disabilities.

Same Story Same Solutions

The neuroplastcity followers state that when noise is present it hinders the early development of human language skills. They hypothesized that noise interferes with our clear representations of sounds related to language. When this occurs we slow down our reactions to our environment. They believe that this slow down in thinking creates a change in the cortex of the brain. They also suggest that this change is reversible and that previous thinking about brain change has been overlooked. The myth that they are putting forth is that neuroscience is the first area to comprehend that the brain of individual's changes. They continue in an intellectual vacuum by believing that they are the first to suggest that this is reversible.

Neuroplasticity followers reference machines and how the machine model is the underlying structure of their thoughts. When they organize their thinking about neuroplastcity it is always represented as linear. Some type of sequence that moves step by step toward a single form of new scientific enlightenment. They must also suggest some mathematical relationship between what they are saying and outcomes. Any theory must have predictive qualities. That means that it explains something in a way that fits and appears plausible to their own story followers. This rationale will never be understood and followed by outside story followers. They may give lip service to survive but that is it.

Neuroscience or Storytelling?

My Life as a Learner

By the middle of the first class in most subjects I was behind and could never catch up. Along with this I was poor in grammar, spelling, and memorizing. I always knew I had no concept of grammar. Over and over I would attempt to learn the most simple forms of grammar. It has been extremely difficult to figure out when to use I or me. I have had it explained and looked it up hundreds of times. I finally found a method to remember the difference most of the time.

I never realized my mispronouncing of words until I was much older and was forced to look up many words to improve my spelling and vocabulary. If someone heard me say these mispronounced words they would not think I was incorrect. A word just came up I pronounce incorrectly. I have been saying realater rather than realitor and cortext rather than cortex.

For a lifetime I have used the word incite as insight. Students and others have tried to humiliate me for this error many times. It had no impact on me at all. It never went into my brain until two days ago. I then went to all my websites and did a search and found the mistake twenty plus times. Sixty three years is a long time to wait to learn the difference.

Problems With Memory

I still have a real problem with some short term memory experiences around learning. If I try to learn a new word it may take me 20 times of looking it up to start to remember. Then all of a sudden the word comes to me at no particular time and I can remember it pretty well. This really effected my ability when trying to learn a new language as a student. I could not admit that I could not spell or remember the vocabulary with the amount of study that I actually did. I was lost because of the rate of being presented vocabulary but also with the selection of the words they expected me to learn. As a professor I created my own unique methods for learning a language and memorizing. Spelling has been slow to overcome but I see a slow steady improvement word by word. From and form took a long time to stop and recheck each time.

The Scholar's Life

I started to do well as a scholar because I could learn at my own pace. To overcome a slower learning speed I compensated by working every waking moment. To improve my grammar and spelling I hired editors to check my work. There are good editors and those that think they are good. This has been a lonely path and has impacted all relationships. I call this cognitive loneliness. I also learned very early that all alpha and omega assembled stories protect and disperse the knowledge required to prosper.

Explanation of My Learning Difficulties From a Storytelling Approach

The vast majority of humans are born into an alpha and omega assembled story. This story creates and reinforces our life long reality. It is this story that drives all of our development and changes including those of our brains. We live, die, and kill to protect and defend our story. Language is important because our story and our thoughts exist within the context of our language.

To suggest that somehow neuroscience and neuroplasticity have actually found that the human brain changes is hypothesized in a total intellectual vacuum. It is the blindness of ego or corruption that these neuro followers can come to any conclusions by excluding other stories, myths, and religions.  The academic separating model of learning and explanation is as intolerant as those they criticize. We are perhaps even more guilty than the others outside of academe that we revile. This is not to suggest that I am against scholarship. I am suggesting that linear scholarship and science is the issue.

Linear Science

Linear scholarship and science allows a small isolated group to exert much more power, influence, and change over the many for questionable reasons. They are no better than the ones they fight. The reason I use the word questionable is that scholars are just as notorious at staying within story boundaries. We will rat out anyone and anything when we are faced by the power of the science inquisition. It makes no ethical or moral difference for the vast majority of us what science is doing. This is because we are humans and afraid of punishment. To be punished is absolutely real.

It then follows that we do almost nothing that is not accepted by current story power. Those that disagree must leave and move to another story that is in opposition to the story that they came from. If we cannot move and become a surrogate for the other story we end up excluded. Even more regretful is that we have become so isolated when in our jobs doing so little to contribute that we fall short of the religious and mythic story paths in helping people in their lives.

I Think, There For I Am

The selection of the concept of neuro as a area of study is imbedded in Descartes 1637 separation of mind and body. A more plausible imbedded explanation of human brain development is that the brain is built and rebuilt as part of our changing alpha and omega story. By changing I mean growing.

We are all specialized participants in our own story's because we spend our lives changing what we read and believe to fit into our own changing story. What this means is that what I have said about neuroscience and plasticity may appear to be the same as what the zealots are thinking. A savant may even read the above that I have written and actually think I understand. This is the power of our story on our lives and our foundational thinking. Neuroscience stories are founded on a far different story foundation than that of my own. Their neuro stories identifies with current ideas of what represents a linear science. Identifying science as linear has been a flaw from the beginning in the West because they started by separated mind and body. This may have been perceived as necessary at the time to counter the dominant Catholic and Protestant stories.

The Enlightenment

Enlightenment thought was that they could start over again and create a means for people to live in harmony. This could be the way of stopping such blood shed over religion. Their idea was that religious stories were derived from emotion and unreal thoughts. These new story tellers called science the story that would be built on reason, method, and math. Therefore reason was connected to the human mind. Once our minds could learn to act from scientifically derived reason we would be free of war.

The body according to them did not represent or relate to reason. The body was more connected to our animal self. This separation of mind and body became the underlying foundation of Western science until today. Current science followers may give lip service to the concept that mind and body are together but as in the case of neuroscience and game theory they go right back to separating.

At the end of World War II science was crowned as supreme. Any discipline that could not identify and find a scientific foundation took on a diminished status. We all now wanted to be scientists to benefit from the massive government support to education. At last we could fulfill the dream with Enlightenment II and free the world from future wars. It was ignorance, the liberal arts disciplines and religions that still kept perpetuating war with their underlying defective thinking. A liberal arts education was too dangerous and it would continue to be reserved for the social elite. They had the obligation to rule. An Ivy League education would remain the same for the social elite. The masses would be moved to State supported linear scientific training. This is called by many names such as marketing.


The new post war social engineers hypothesized that religion could not or would not be easily changed but it could be devalued. If the children of Christians could learn science and engineering religion would fade away. Liberal arts in state institutions could be controlled and isolated for the Ivy League. Those in the liberal arts in the Ivy League could be supported by learning and staying within the confinements of the Ivy League.

Mass Education Called What?

What this would take is to place the right people with the right ideas into education. Those that would be happy for their job and dare not suggest anything was different with their new improved mass education. Or those that had no interest in Christianity. As in the theme of the movie "The King and I" everything would now be scientific. These right people would assure that things would remained stable and uninformed. All of these new scientific professors would have to teach from mass marketed and edited textbooks. These textbooks were in the domain and control of private industry. All that was required was to co-opt a few academic quislings to put their name on them. Any academic that dared not follow would be removed for not teaching the course content.

Everything is Going Well?

The flaw in the current science model is they have never stopped their original mandate, to take power from religion. This has kept them fixed as a foil against Christianity. Our actions and textbook dependence have led to the corruption and abuse of power called a college education for the masses. As academics to benefit from this corruption we race to teach the new concepts created outside of academia. To suggest that these new concepts should be looked at through the lense of a story is not what our current job description states. This is why you see this discussion of storytelling on my website. All other outlets are closed until the concept of a story can be made to appear scientific.

At that point the concept of storytelling will be linked to every discipline. Storytelling will then be added to the list in the first paragraph along with neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and game theory. They will be now linear, separate, scientific, mathematically supported, created outside of academics, and added to the mass marketing textbooks. They may even call it nonlinear. But low me thinks it will still really be linear.

As a test you can do every once in a while go to the web and lookup marketing and storytelling and see how much work in this area is coming from academics and academic websites. Read what they are actually saying and see if it is still linear and separate. Check the American Marketing Association's dictionary definition to see if it is still a joke. Then add the word consulting and look out.

The word and concept of science is soon to be replaced by the linear replacers of words. The concept of linear science is now being challenged on mass and it is leading toward this word change. I have stated that one of the reasons for this collapse in linear science is that they cheat and lye. Current linear science has all the intolerances of competing stories without attempting to actually do good for other outside human kind.

When I get this page ready I will contact Michael M. Merzenich and other game theory and neuroscience followers and ask him to comment on my assessment of storytelling.  I will then post their responses.

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I have looked at the concept of neuroscience much more than they have looked at storytelling. DM


St. George and the Dragon





To counter the liberal arts tenure problem other area of education would be supported and emphasized. These areas would be founded on scientific reasoning. 









Life, tears, and love


Remember your name






Notes disregard

Science, neuroscience, and neroplasticity do not begin their underlying theory with the concept that we are all born into a story. Now they are pushing the idea that we are born into a language. 


For example my three websites have taken me countless hours.

stories related to success to that created methods and structures it was just an obstacle. This is because I could only move at a slower pace I found that I also had to learn things for myself such as website design, film making, and many disciplines. This has put me in a different position as both a learner, teacher, and writer.

e all must be careful of the power of our held story and how it changes and effects how we see everything in our universe.
or of their does not begin at birth and the impact

I will compare the unlimited nonlinear connections within storytelling to make my point about the inadequacy of linear neuroscience and neuroplasticity.

I will and the superiority of a storytelling approach.

the reason may be interest point may be that when we have difficulty with our language it does not allow us to express and respond to our alpha and omega story. 

Storytelling and the Brain