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1996 - 2008


A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.
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Nonlinear Marketing and Storytelling Website Assessments are Based on Each Individual's Visit and the Site's Connection to Their Story
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A story is nonlinear when it allows the individual to grow within that story. The same story that we respond to at one time in our lives changes as we change. A nonlinear story is created and transferred allowing each individual to change meaning and determine value.

Form, Force, and Power is a nonlinear organizer that allows you to change and adapt.

The focus of all Nonlinear Marketing Assessments are to continue to move your message closer to the common alpha and omega story held by individuals. The story is common but the experiences are individualized. It is the story that succeeds not the particular products or services sold. When individualized connections to the story are lost it is over for the website.

There is only one way to determine a nonlinear outcome. That is, to do something and continue to evaluate. The Internet has made it very simple and fast to make changes in websites. In a linear environment changing the slightest thing on a website will cause turf wars.

People are not interchangeable robots. It matters who does your Nonlinear Marketing Assessments. A linear person with reinforced linear success cannot do a nonlinear assessment. A linear person can bring insights to a Nonlinear Marketing Assessment but they must not be able to influence outcomes at all. If they do the assessment will be back to linear.

There must be no identifiable secrets or tricks on a nonlinear storytelling website. These will be identified and considered a deceptive attempt at a marketing manipulation. If a manipulation is perceived by a targeted story holder it must be taken seriously. More times than can be counted on websites a manipulation was not intended. This is not because organizations do not attempt to manipulate but rather the web makes it more difficult. For example customer responses to a purchase. My Experience With Nero 7

Assessor's egos must not be connected to a particular set of pages. Assessors must be assured a particular period of financial rewards. The same as a football coach that receives a contract. Employment can be terminated or the person moved but not without a contract agreement. This creates the emotional sense of security in an individual that is required to bring change. When identified the linear apologists and beneficiaries will fight. This was the reason for tenure for academics.

Dialogue with Different Views of My Work

Six Plus or Minus Three Nonlinear Storytelling Website Thoughts
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Note that I use the numbers 6, 9, and 3. Learn about 6+ or -3. Very helpful nonlinear organizer. Thoughts are not numbered because numbers can be viewed as a linear hierarchy.


Six+ or -three out of 100 individuals dislike being directed and forced into a single solution.


When six+ or -three out of 100 identify a manipulation it must be stopped.


Six+ or -three out of 100 return to your site for a purchase. Linear marketing suggests that price, product, promotion, and distribution variations are the key. From a nonlinear perspective not one of these variables compares to an invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved


Six+ or -three out of 100 must identify the website as a place for them to continue to grow.


Six+ or -three out of 100 that ask a question must have it answered at that moment in time.


Six+ or -three out of 100 people do not understand what words and charts mean within a site.


Six+ or -three out of 100 people will give suggestions for site improvement. Do not send the same response to every suggestion. Suggestions can be very difficult to accept because people will sue the firm and suggest that their idea was stolen.


Six+ or -three out of 100 people will require greater amounts of clarification and information.


Six+ or -three out of 100 people will want to keep in contact with the website.


Six+ or -three out of 100 people will want to exhibit some for of affiliation with the website.

Nonlinear Thinkers
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We all find it difficult not to resist others that disagree with our positions. Linear thinkers search and rely on a single monolinear solution for each individual circumstance. Nonlinear thinkers search for other explanations. It is imperative to a nonlinear thinker that they check things out for themselves. Nonlinear thinkers often make what linear thinkers determine to be unsupported connections and linkages. Linear thinkers have set up a system where thoughts are controlled, separated, and specialized. Through a manipulation of mass outlets and research with a numbers dependency the linear have kept nonlinear thoughts from attaining access.

Linear marketing has many so called experts that are good at convincing companies to spend a great deal of money. These predator companies all fail in the end because their goal is to create and sell a new product. Nonlinear thinkers have to learn to remain silent in the face of linear dominance to survive. When nonlinear thinkers check out and find other understandings they often find it expedient to not reveal this to current devotees. The nonlinear often end up self, under or not employed.

If a company has just spent millions and finds that a new linear idea does not work they often remain silent. Usually it is an academic that tests the linear story and publishes that it is lacking.

In my case I really try to be open and accepting unless the attack becomes personal. When the attacks become personal it is often because a real challenge has been created against the dominant story. The reaction can be from very dangerous to tolerated. There is also another chance that the attacker may be a psychopath. In this case it can be very dangerous and all precautions must be taken. Great danger is at hand. As a professor I have faced both. In the United States the legal system gives us some protection against the dominant story. When it is a psychopath their is much less help available.

Why Propose a Nonlinear Approach to Website Marketing?

The Internet is nonlinear.

Nonlinear thinking has had a mass world wide outlet for nonlinear thinkers to be reinforced and prosper.

For corporate leadership to prosper they must be nonlinear. Leaderships that are allowed to remain linear are those in firms that have significant government support. Their customer is the government.

The military is moving to the nonlinear. Every thing will follow this move. They now realize that battles are won in may complex ways.


"If you can not purchase items for 80% off retail you are a marketing failure in understanding and applying your own ethnic story in the face of another story." DM