Ask a Professor


What is your position on global warming, do you think there is anything we can do to help?

No I think people will not change but this climate changes people. I also believe the issue is cooling.

Being a nutrition and dietetics major, how can marketing play a role in the nutrition field?

The companies that are producing products that would be deemed harmful dominate marketing. I think that when the US military determines this to be a strategic flaw it will change in an instant.

What person or company decided that soda should be put into a 12oz. aluminum can in the shape that it is in today? Has any company ever tried other shapes and sizes to market their beverages?

Look up different shapes of containers for soda on the Internet. Aluminum is light weight. I have heard why they switched to aluminum soda cans but I cannot remember. I saw something on the history channel. Email the answer and I will add or if they repeat the program I will inform you. You could try to find the answer yourself.