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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I was watching a PBS show during a fund drive. They were saying that they had a twenty-five thousand dollars matching Benjamin Moore grant for this drive. They say the name of Benjamin Moore Paints a million times during the week. The head of the Benjamin Moore is interviewed on PBS and telling how he loves PBS and NOVA. I started to wonder if anyone would be inspired to contribute to PBS because of Benjamin Moore's matching grant. I thought of writing an article asking this question. Then it hit me. Of course there is the possibility no one will contribute because of Benjamin Moore but Benjamin Moore can have one week of advertising for twenty-five thousand dollars. The company can tell everyone that have a social conscience. This has nothing to do with Benjamin Moore but PBS. The PBS beggars stands there and preaches how they are not beholding to any corporations. Perhaps it is true? They are better people than the others who are influenced.
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I suppose most people do not figure this out.