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Professor's Are Guides To The Next Stage of Life

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away. Professors help us to move to the next stage of life. Marketing professors only role is to guide you into adult membership in society. All humans do not want to embraced the next stage of life. The pain of the unknown is difficult to face without guides. We are pressured to do nothing to interfere with our students' programming as consumers. Marketing academics face external pressure when they reveal the academic and corporate practice of Factual But Not Truthful.

Marketing professors receive nothing for spending the time to create and maintain a transcending website. Just the opposite is true. Little of what ever we do sees the light of day. This website has taken me thousands of hours. My university would currently consider this a waste of my time. Nothing on this site would be considered part of my life as a scholar. The reason is that you must remain in a childlike stage of marketing.

Many profess but few are professors. We will be your professor of business, marketing and storytelling. Tell other students about this webpage. Your future employment and consumption depend on it. The job market for those who can implement a storytelling approach within marketing is vast. We give this website as a gift to the next generation. We are professors and scholars. We expect you to help others when it is your turn.

When the first professor joins me it will be a great day for all our students. DM 2005

Around and Around Endlessly. A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far.