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Psychopaths in Charge

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor came face to face with a psychopath. It was and remains one of the most interesting and enlightening experiences of his life. For a long time the professor had equated the corporation with psychopathic behaviors. He never realized that the only thing more detrimental to the corporation was when a psychopath was at the helm. The corporation as psychopath must have constraints to assure the prosperity of the humans of the world. This is not a new fight. The Irish and many other ethnic groups fought to the death to share in the prosperity of psychopathic corporations. The rise of the middle class is greatly influenced by this effort and has lasted for one hundred years.

Now the psychopaths have become the leaders of the corporations promising the destruction of humans to increase corporate profitability. The psychopath cannot stop and continues to destroy the corporation Everyone is happy for the first month until they begin to see that decision making is flawed and only in the interests of the psychopath him or herself. This continues to escalate as more of the corporate human, physical, and financial resources are drained until they are out of business. There is nothing to save when this happens. Enron and Arthur Anderson went to zero. No psychopath is constrained from any of their actions by a threat of being held responsible by signing and taking responsibility for the companies accounting.


Marketing in any form is useless when a psychopath is running the organization. It is over unless he or she is identified and fired.