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PsyOp at Casinos

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor went to the two casinos in Connecticut. When I walked into the gambling area I became very ill. I felt that I was going to throw up. I ask an employee about the sound in the room. He said it was just from the machines. Having studied PsyOp and the use of sound to disrupt people I started to think that something may be to this. I went to Las Vegas for a marketing conference and when I went into the casino I had no reaction. I can only say that this experience is antidotal and it may not be anything.

Marketing Application IMBALANCED

The use of PsyOp techniques developed in the military are finding their way to marketing business practice. Should these be stopped? Can these be stopped? Once something is known to be effective in the world it is used. In 1945 no one would have believed that so many countries would have the bomb today. This is a naive approach. Was it worth the development of the bomb for us at the time? From the position of an American and the saving of American civilization I would say yes. People will do things to survive at the time and worry about the consequences in the future. I believe that we were totally shocked to have the secret stolen and given to the Russian. This is the shock of those that do not look at history and marketing.

Instructional Design has been resisted by university education for 60 years and now it is here. With or with out us. Most likely without.