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Questions About Me

How much time did you spend in Russia and did you find that you had to market yourself a lot differently to them then you do here? Who do you think you have gotten better responses from the students in Russia or here?

I visited Russia 4 times. I went the first time in 1996 as a representative of US government agency to teach marketing at a private college in Chelyabinsk in the Ural mountains. I also taught at the same instruction at another time. I have had many Russian students of all ages. I also taught a high school class and another class with Russian educators.

I found the average Russian person much more broadly educated than myself. By broadly I mean art, history, music, and world affairs. What we would refer to in the USA as the liberal arts. I saw this as an opportunity to follow my philosophy of everyone is my teacher.

Some Russian students were totally disinterest in learning but many more seemed interested. This could be because of the novelty of a foreign professor. But I would say they have a greater interest in learning.

How did you become interested in marketing to make it your career?

By accident. I did my dissertation on sales persons and managers. I was then hired as an adjunct at Syracuse to teach a course. I was called by Trinity College Dublin to come and teach marketing. Before I went to Ireland I was hired by UNH to be a marketing assistant professor.

How did you come up with your symbol?

I believed that a logo or symbol was important to marketing each of us. I asked a woman Kathy Stock that worked for the UNH bookstore to create a symbol for me. She has done may thing for me that you can see on this site. She came up with the Celtic Circle symbol and I thought it was profound.

After seeing all the items you have ed, trademarked, etc. I am curious to know more about these rights along with endorsement rights and the process behind acquiring these rights.
is easy and inexpensive while a trademark is more complicated and expensive. I had to pay a trademark lawyer around $2500 dollars. Look on the internet only for the government site and call each of them for free and ask what you should do. Many sites pretend to be the government but are just ways of getting your money.

How did you come up with the marketing and storytelling approach?

Many years ago I saw a TV series the "Power of Myth" with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. It shocked me how profound this was and the impact on out lives. I began to read an learn about myths from many cultures. I really enjoyed this adventure. I had a weekly radio show at UNH and I would ask on people to teach me about a broad range of topics. I began to put things together about how Christianity effected every minute action in our culture. I also identified other actions in other cultures derived from myths.

How did you go about publishing your book?

I wrote the books first and searched for a publisher. It took 3 years each for many books. Because I was unknown publishers were not willing to commit to me. After they saw the finished book their risk declined. We had a UNH Press that would publish books. My first book through them was very successful. Marketing As a Means to Achieve Organizational Ends. This gave me a start. I have written many things and spent years and no publisher picked them up. Marketing Wars on this site is one of them. I also wrote a book on instructional design and marketing which countered the textbooks views.

You mentioned how you should not pay full price for things that you are buying. But aside from buying a car I have never seen someone walk into a store and start negotiating prices with a sales person. For example, if the price of a shirt is $40, I don't see anyone getting a lower price on it. So my question is what exactly do you negotiate prices on?

I have seen and done this many times. Try it. Especially if you can show a lower price. I once asked a Wal-Mart manager if they would match prices from the internet. He said yes. Try it and see. Let me know.