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Russian Diamond

Russian Diamond
January 25, 2005
Hi Professor:
Interesting story you are putting together with the grown Russian diamond on E-bay. Did you get your money back?
Hello Student:
No not yet Do you think it appears to be the truth to a reader.

Hello Professor:
Yes, I wouldn't have the patience to continue emailing back and forth like you guys did if I were a seller and the item was only 130 bucks. I agree with him that E-bay has a process for this type of stuff. My prediction is you get your money back from E-Bay and the seller will not deal with you again.


Hello Student:
Are you thinking that the seller did represent the diamond correctly to me?

The seller strategy may be to make the complainer (buyer) feel stupid, uninformed and individualized.

I think a person could steal about 50,000 clear each year doing this to customers. The stone he sends cost him less than one dollar. The sellers only fear is to have someone complain to EBay that actually knows something. 99% of the people are cowed by others when accused of being uninformed. Note his comment about my lack of knowledge of diamonds.

When the seller came back after I told him that I was informing him to actually help him he should have not continued to fight. The reason he continued to fight is probably ego. He won so many times he started to believe that he could not be overcome by truth. Also a buyer to spend 30+ hours for a 130 dollar transaction is unusual.

I was actually interested in helping him and getting my money back without a big deal. The seller created for me in the first response the understanding that he would be upset if I were to find that the stones were flawed. He said he would then take action and he was an honest seller.

I took him at his word until he refused to take the stone back and I still had to have a test that is rarely performed on diamonds.