Scarlet Sails

How can you call this a marketing and storytelling approach and have so few references to marketing in what you have said so far?
Our current American academic, business, military, and government marketing teaching and practice is a product of World War II.
Without a real knowledge of World War I and II it will be impossible to understand marketing in the United States.
Without an in-depth knowledge of World War II it will be impossible to justify to any AO story holder the importance of a change to a storytelling approach.
People will not allow change unless they believe that it supports their AO story.
The power elite of all competing AO stories had a truce during and after World War II to assure the survival of our nation.
The truce has ended.

Are the secular AO stories derived from science?
Yes, this is what they proposed.
The power elite of competing AO stories never believed that the secular AO story would challenge them for power.
The power elite of competing AO stories never believed that the secular AO story could create a separate power elite group.
Secular science AO stories have awakened another AO story, Islam.

Why would other AO stories allow a secular understanding to dominate marketing education and generally embraced marketing practice in the USA?
They were all afraid of the Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union had defeated our common enemy, Germany.
The Soviet Union was willing to kill millions of their own people to win.
The Soviet Union had created an equally powerful industrial base.
The Soviet Union had a much larger army.
The military technology and productivity of the Soviet Union was equal to our own until we got the atomic bomb.