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Small Business in the Philippians

Hello Professor I am involved now in small business Dr. David that's why I felt interest in your book about business, I hope I can get the copy this year. Hope to know more about the books, honestly I am a wide reader mostly business book and Christian book. My friend gave last year " How to start a small business into big?" but I forgot who the author that book but it helps a lot for me now.

Ask me any questions you have about business and I will give you my answer. Send as many questions as you like. Anytime.

I will answer as fast as possible.
You do not need a book you have me as an expert source.
Professor Morris

Hello Professor
My business is to finance someone who start a little then I give them an interest of 20% every 1 thousand pesos everyday, and my capital now is increase 20% too every month. Are you ok of this business David? what kind of business do I enter so that I can earn more? I do but and sale too in our neighborhood....
100 pesos = about 2 dollars?
2 dollars = about 100 pesos?
1000 pesos = about 20 dollars?
You make 100 pesos per day on 1000 pesos?
At the end of 5 days they owe you 2000 pesos or 20 dollars more for lending then 20 dollars?
Is this correct?
You are a business genius. You know a lot more than I do.
You are also braver than I am.
What are three bad things about the business?

Hello Professor, thank you for your message Nope, every 1,000 pesos the interest is 20 pesos per day.. so if someone lend me 5,000 pesos they give 100 pesos per day to me. A retired teacher in our place ask me if I can work this kind of business, I told her that I will try in 1 month.. you know Professor many of business here they lend money from financier here in our town so I am the one who get full paid for their last payments for their lending. They can pay for me couz I have some papers to signed them that they promise to pay on that date...and everybody used to convince me that they want to put some capital for me on this business, but my financier give me that much so that I can entertain everyone. thank you David! Do I am braver than you in business? it sound nice ok.

I do not know your country. I do know that you are a business person. I am a professor and probably could not survive in business for 10 seconds. To be a business person and make it is a gift only given to a few.
What I have learned is there is always someone thinking about ways to take advantage of you. If the business becomes successful others will trying to take it away from you.
The only way to deal with this is not to be afraid to start again.
Another problem for the business person is that they start to spend too much money on the business and them self and start to work less and less. They wake up and nothing is left, all is gone.
There are many more. As I think of them I will send them to you. I will also put on my web page.

Professor Morris