Ask a Professor


One thing I would like to learn more about is the use of athletes in marketing and the moral clauses that are now being more aggressively put into their endorsement contracts to help safe guard against image ruining actions.

This makes sense to me. Without this clause the sponsor may still be forced to pay the athlete. The athlete should also have a morals clause about the sponsor.
I wanted to know how do you go about producing effective marketing for a team that doesn't win? For example the NY Mets from 2001-2004 where a losing team, but seemed to still drawn decent fans to the stadium.

I would think that the loosing must fit with their story.
How does a new company such as SNY (sports net New York home of the Mets) market themselves to break into the industry and actually grab customers away from competing sports information sources?

I do not know this particular story. Cable receives monopoly status.