Ask a Professor


When storytelling is used in marketing, can a true story be related to marketing besides fictional, legends, fairytales, etc?

Yes as long as it supports their story. I try to do this as a professor. Some say all I am doing is talking about myself. But I would guess that are reacting that way because they hold competing stories. This is a theme of my book Arkaim: Marketing Wars on this site.

What if a personal story isn't very interesting, is it better to make up a new story?

As we evolve we begin to understand that every story is interesting including ours. Dominant stories do not want to share with us.

Is it possible to effectively market something without a story.
Yes but a non-story can still be a story.

What marketing technique is utilized when a woman sees an advertisement for lipstick showing plump lips and even though she doesn't have lips like that she feels like buying that lipstick will enhance her lips to be as plump as the woman's in the commercial?

This is a part of stories that has been around for ever. Older women want to look younger. You can guess why.