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1996 - 2008



A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

Second Story in the Series


Chapter 1, Ancient Tea Route Marketing


A story that demonstrates that marketing and learning are derived through stories. The quest of the hero to bring a gift to their society.


style="margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; line-height:150%" align="left"> Finbar is back at his University from sabbatical. He is in is office when a colleague walks by from his department.

Colleague "Hello Finbar too bad about what happened to the president. I cannot believe that he decided to retire. I thought he was doing a good job and all of a sudden he is out."

Finbar "Yes, I was surprised to hear this also. What do you think happened?"

Colleague "No idea not even a rumor of what happened."

Finbar "Did you meet the new president?"

Colleague "No not yet, but everyone thinks he is great. We all think he will be great for the university. Let's go over together and listen to his welcoming talk?"

Finbar "I want to see him and say hello."

The two professors go to the auditorium on campus. It is crowded with many faculty members. Everyone is smiling and up beat to hear the new president.

President Path "I am so happy to be here at the university. I have looked at all your accomplishments and have found that you are one of the best kept secrets in higher education. Together, with your help we will inform the rest of the world about this jewel of universities. I have big, big plans and am so happy to be here. I plan to spend my entire career putting us on the map so that we will all be proud. Our student are great and they are very happy with the education that they are receiving.

The financials are within expectations but they can be improved. I really enjoy fundraising and intend to rebuild the campus while building a substantial endowment. I am the man for this job and together we will do wonderful things. I believe that it is my life's work to help others fulfill their greatest potential. I am my happiest when those around me are successful. I expect that I will be happy everyday.

There is a great deal of work that we need to do together but for now let's us go to a reception and get to meet each other before we begin the good work that is ahead."

One faculty member raises his hand.

President Path: "Yes, Simon."

Simon: "President Path I speak for everyone when I say that you have brought light to the darkness. We believe that you will listen and be fair and responsive to everyone. You are the right person at the right time."

President Path: "My management philosophy is to listen to others and then make a decision. I rarely make a decision without checking with those who can give me feedback. I know some of you have believed that administration and the faculty have been less than forthcoming with each other. This will change today and I will open up a dialogue with the faculty. This is my management style. Now let's go have some fun together."

Loud applauds and all stand smiling.

Another Colleague: "Hello Finbar, Simon always asks a question. I have not seen you around lately. Where have you been hiding yourself?"

Finbar: "I was in Russia researching and teaching."

Same Colleague: "How did you like Russia? I hear that it is very interesting. Do you think you could get me a job in Russia for the summer?"

Finbar: "I would be happy to help in any way I can. Are you going to the reception?"

Same Colleague: "Yes I will see you there. Isn't the new president marvelous? He is a breath of fresh air around here. We are all happy."

Finbar: "Yes, he is very impressive and I plan to chat with him at the reception."

They both head over to the reception separately. A large crowd has come to greet and welcome the new president.

Finbar: "Welcome to the university President Path. We are all very happy you are here."

President Path: "Thank you I am happy to be here. What department are you in?"

Finbar: "My name is Finbar McCool I am a professor of marketing. I have been on sabbatical in Russia and am glad to be back."

Dead silence.

Finbar: "I would like to come and talk to you about my findings. The importance of storytelling in marketing."

Dead silence.

"Well President Path, I just wanted to say hello and if I can be of help do not hesitate to ask. I know that you want to meet the others."

Dead Silence.

Finbar reaches out his hand to shake hands with President Path. He does not respond to this and turns. Finbar smiles and pets him on the back as he leaves saying "Welcome to the University again."

With this Celtic touch Finbar begins to see the future. A sense of sickness comes over him. He feels like he is going to faint and vomit at the same time. Finbar walks a few steps and sits down in a chair to keep from falling over. A colleague ask him something as she is standing next to him. He looks at her ands says "I am sick. All of a sudden it just hit me."

Colleague Smiling: "Perhaps you ate something that did not agree with you? Do you want me to get you something? Perhaps a glass of water?"

Finbar: "I will be fine. Thank you for your assistance."

She then walks away mingling with the other people. Finbar closes his eyes and puts his head down in front of himself in both of his hands. Things begin to stop swirling and come more clearly into his vision. The meeting with President Path and himself did not go well. Finbar had class and he began to focus on the upcoming class. He took two cookies and began walking back to his office to get the materials for the class. Thirty-six feet outside the building Finbar stopped and looked back at everyone having a happy time. When he turned to continue to his office he said out loud.

Finbar: "Can it be the Line has come for me again? What they are capable of doing is astounding. Oh well he should not have tipped his hand to me so soon. Or perhaps this could be part of their strategy?"


Finbar goes into his graduate class. There are about 30 students. Both men and women. He sees that he also has several international students. A few others are still dressed in their business clothing.

"Hello my name is Dr. Finbar McCool and I am here to help you to be a great consumer and a great marketing person. I have been a poor consumer and now realize the added costs that I have paid when purchasing to make others rich. Use this as a rule of thumb. If you can purchase an item for ninety percent off the purchasing price it is usually the cost to manufacturer the product. In some cases such as diamonds the percentage of cost to price of production can be literally tens of thousands of times higher. A finished and cut one carrot quality diamond costs about 5 dollars to mine and cut. I will show you a great video and book "Glitter and Greed next class. If you learn how marketing is done in the diamond industry you will highly skilled in marketing.

I have also been a poor marketing practitioner. If I told you all the mistakes I have made you would not believe that it is possible for anyone to be as stupid as I am. I will share with you both my successes and failures. This sharing makes you an adult. As a child we think everything always works out and we all live happily ever after. All I hope for you is that you make less mistakes than I have because I was your professor. But better yet you learn that we all make mistakes and if you can do better that 51% you should be very happy. It is cruel to have to finely heard this life lesson. It is probably more cruel than having to find out about Santa Claus. You may also be able to fight this one easier than Santa because most other adults will not tell you the truth. Why, because we have made it so hard to tell the truth when we identify something as a personal failure.

American academic marketing has failed you as students and has become just another form of advertising. We will learn to identify the methods of manipulation that have worked on us both. I take a storytelling approach to marketing. All marketing takes a storytelling approach. The difference is that I know it and now you have heard it.

American marketing has thought of itself as a science to respond to the US military drive for science driven protection after World War II. The leaders in marketing academics have taken a very creative and interesting field and turned it into something that has no value to consumers and business.

We will take another path to learning marketing. We will identify marketing as the application of all available resources that we can bring to the task. The middle and working class Americans are not privy to a real understanding of marketing that could have been drawn from combining with the liberal arts. Perhaps marketing is too valuable for us to know? I want you as my students to shine. I will therefore show you what has been reserved for the very few."

Student: "Please tell us what the assignments are?"

Finbar: Yes of course. Let's go over the syllabus, the final and midterm exams now. Without a midterm some students cannot handle the loss. So to make everyone happy I have my midterm assignments but they are due along with the final on the last day of class. This idea of both assignments at the same time is an advantage for you as a marketing student because marketing requires nonlinear thinking. To have a midterm and then a final is linear and relatively useless to you unless you are only being trained. It is my hope that this will help bring together different ideas and thoughts in you minds. Please let me know how this can be improved for the next class. If you have a special interest in an assignment just ask me.

If you want me to help you at anytime call me at home after 9 at night and on weekends or e-mail me. I also have office hours and we can talk before and after class. If your questions and my answers would be helpful I will share your question and answers with everyone else. I will not send your name along with them on the e-mail to the rest.

Everything that I have to do with the class and your assignments are on my web site. We will have a special e-mail just for this class. I will write it down now for you. Please ask me for help. When you turn in all your assignments send them to our class e-mail address. Please do not erase your assignment from your computer and also put them on a back up disc for yourself. Many times things happen and they get lost.

When you all send your assignments to the same e-mail this also encourages people to do their own work. I have found at least 5 out of thirty students some how have the same exact words as a fellow student in the class. When this happens I will consider this an amazing event not accuse you of any wrong doing and ask you to please do the assignments again. I have also found some students send me previous assignments that are not even due this semester. I do keep all of them together from other years.

I am not trying to catch you doing anything wrong I am simply trying to get you to do your own work. Sooner or latter you will have to do this in life. Turn in all the assignments as I have asked for and you will get an A or an INC in the course. If you get an INC simply pleasantly contact me and ask what happened. I do my mistakes and I am happy to change anything that you point out to me. Any Questions?"

Same Student: "I have a great deal of work to do this semester. Your assignments are too long for me."

Finbar: "Take a look first and try one from each assignment. I have found that by giving you the assignments the first day it gives you more time. If you have some special issues you can take the course at a later time or we can work out something where you can finish within one year after the class ends."

Student 2: "I do not understand the assignments."

Finbar: "Look at my website and I will have examples to show you. Try to do something and then e-mail it to me and I will help you from there. If you find something that you would like to share with us all I will send it to other student's e-mails."

Student 3: "I have had many teachers that say they will give everyone an 'A' and in the end they are lying."

Finbar: "I do not believe that I lye. If you do the work you get an A. I believe that grading is a form of linear tyranny and it interferes with learning that is directed towards wisdom. The Linear professor believes in a bell shaped curve and their should be so many Fs and so many Cs. You are prejudged before you even enter the room. I cannot change them only myself."

Same Student: "How can you teach us marketing when you say you made so many mistakes?"

Finbar: "That is a good question. My definition of a professional is someone that has made mistakes, recovered, and learned. Those that tell you that they are mistake free are either telling the truth, very young, delusional, lying, have not done too much or are psychopathic. Admitting mistakes in this society is very difficult but until we know this our chances of success are possible but are called historic accident. I wish I had more historic accidents that went in my favor."



The chair of the department calls Finbar to his office. He shows Finbar a letter to the Dean from a student visitor to the class. He ask Finbar to comment on the letter and if he believes the letter to be accurate. Finbar reads it over and smiles and asks. "Why did you get this? I wish the student had come to me with what was bothering her."


Dear Dean:

I attended Dr. Finbar McCool's marketing class to decide if I wanted to enroll in your marketing program. As a Yale graduate I was shocked at Dr. McCool and his lack of understanding of marketing. The midterm and final assignments have nothing to do with marketing. Students around me are furiously writing down things that have nothing to do with marketing.

Dr. McCool's lecture on marketing was disjointed and rambling. He discusses such topics as how control of chocolate led to wars. How the utilization of what others determine to be waist is where profits are made. He made some reference to old films that have been resold through other formats. Elvis was a legal drug addict that wanted to help Richard Nixon in his war on illegal drugs.

He rambled on about Kitty Kelley's book on President Bush and her rejection from the American media. How putting the killing of captured people and anti American propaganda in Iraq on the internet is the biggest change in public relations warfare in the history of the world. Dr. McCool also discussed Yale university and government supported research as a method of controlling innovation in society. He also suggested that this is driving unsupported universities out of business. He made the statement that what good is marketing if your competition is supported by the government.

His most preposterous statement was that sugar and salt are addictive and that the excess amounts create addicted customers.

I was so disappointed with my visit to Dr. McCool's class that I do not plan to attend the program. He would never be allowed to teach like this in an Ivy League institution.

Juliet Czar Director of MIS Yale University

Finbar: "Why do you ask me this before the student has first come to discuss this with me?"

Chair: "The dean, president and provost are very concerned and want you to begin to follow the textbook in marketing word for word. If you do not they plan to move you to another department or even consider firing you. They are very serious and it is up to you."

Finbar: "Well what part of this letter would you consider not to be a discussion of marketing?"

Chair: "Do you believe that these topics have anything to do with marketing?"

Finbar: "Well pick one example I have given that you believe to be not connected and I will discuss the connection to marketing."

Chair: "Salt and sugar are not addictive."

Finbar: "If you were in my class I would suggest that you simply look this up on the Internet and see what is said. I try to have students that disagree look up and bring their findings to the class. If I am wrong or unsupported I am happy to learn. I try to show through modeling that I look up things and try to learn from others. It is important for people in marketing to not believe everything that they hear and to look things up."

Chair: "Sugar and salt are not addictive. This is an exaggeration."

Finbar: "Let's look on the Internet right now and see."

Chair: "I am not interested, just follow the textbook. I have informed you as I have been told. At the request of the president and provost the Dean is calling in all your students to ask them if they believe they are being taught marketing."

Finbar: "Why would they do this without first asking me something about this letter?"

Chair: "The provost and president are taking this very seriously. All professors must follow the textbook."

Finbar: "Thank you for letting me know this. Please tell them that I do follow the textbook but add examples and criticism to add to my student's marketing education. I have done this for twenty years and many students believe it to be helpful."

Chair: "I have noticed a change since you returned from Russia. You are not teaching the textbook to your students and preparing them for the advanced marketing courses. I have had complaints about this over the years. I have informed you and now it is up to you.""

Finbar: "Perhaps and I will give it some thought."

Chair: "See you at the department meeting later today. Don't forget the new provost is visiting."

Finbar: "See you there."


Most university departments have a meeting once every month or two. Professor's are on many different committees with different professors in their own school and throughout the entire university. In some committees a professor is voted to serve by fellow professors. On other committees we get volunteered or just agree to serve. Department meeting are generally to inform the group about up coming events and initiatives within the department, school, and university. E-mail has been effective in informing everyone on what is happening and has also saved time. E-mail is also an effective means of communication. E-mail is now better than written communication because there is a record of contact.

Chair: "You all have received our meeting agenda. We welcome the provost to our first department meeting. He is here to as we know for suggestions and comments from us on identifying the future direction of the university. I have submitted suggestion and so as Seth."

Provost: "Thank you for inviting me to the meeting. I am going to all departments in the next month to get acquainted and to ask for your input on how to improve each program. It is up to the members of each department to improve themselves. If you cannot do this we will be forced to make some very tough decisions about the future of all programs and even the possible elimination of entire schools. We have so much money and we want to put the money where we will get the greatest return.

If you do not make the required changes we will attempt to find you another teaching position within the university. As you know tenure is in the university and not the department or school. If we cannot find a teaching position then you will be asked to do another job somewhere in the university. Any questions or suggestions?"

Rachael: "Are you suggesting that we will loose our jobs if we do not increase enrollments in marketing?"

Provost: "No not at all. We are giving you all a chance to improve enrollments. We cannot keep the student to professor ratios at current rates and remain viable. Each department must have the right student to professor ratios. It had been thirteen to one but we believe it should be at least twenty to one. This means that we will have to make the decision on who stays and who goes. I said we will try to find you other work as a professor or in the university."

Rachael: "This sounds like you are really saying that you want to get rid of professors."

Provost: "No it is to distribute resources more effectively."

Chair: "I do not see this as anti-professor but an attempt to assure us employment in a changing world. I do not think that this is cause any of us too much pain. We will be give the time to retool before we are moved to another teaching position."

Provost: "That is correct, we will make an effort to do this. As I said this is in your hands not ours."

Seth: "Did you have a chance to read my suggestions?"

Provost "No answer."

Chair: "Let's continue to ask the provost questions and give him suggestions."

Finbar immediately begins to read what Seth has written to the department, provost, and president. No other members have had a chance to read his suggestions. In the report he states that the reason for the decline in enrollments in marketing is that we have two very poor professors. Seth claims in the report that many professors and students from the entire university have told him about the problem and how it was destroying marketing. He also writes that if his children were in marketing he would believe that they were not getting their moneys worth.

Finbar: "Are you suggesting that one of these professors is me? Do you think that this is an appropriate thing to write in such a report?"

Seth: "No I am just want to improve the department. I know that enrollment
s are a problem and that they will cut the department unless we improve. I have sent many e-mails to the new president and made many suggestions. He has responded to my e-mails and encouraged me to keep helping."

Finbar: "That is very good but this type of comment is inappropriate for such a document. It is unsupported and destructive if taken as truth by others. Anyone can say anything."

Chair: "Let's move on."

Finbar: "As you all are aware I have a weekly radio show. We are now taping the show and putting it each week on cable TV. I have proposed that we do a show as a department that we can put it on to cable TV. We have students in all cable areas and could have this show viewed by thousands of people. My wife has agreed to do the video and editing for us. All I would ask is for the university to pay for the VHS tapes and mailing to stations. If you look on cable now several local universities are doing a similar thing."

Chair: "Do you think that we should be responsible for such a show. The university as a TV studio the faculty and the equipment to do it? We are in marketing not TV production."

Finbar: "What I am suggestion is marketing. When people see us at the university as intelligent thoughtful professors they will consider attending. I also agree if it is successful the university can assume responsibility. Our film students could tape and edit the shows and we could pay them for their efforts. A film major could then help to support their education. We could say this on the TV show. Perhaps attracting more film students."

Chair: "Thank you for your suggestion."

Finbar: "I also have another suggestion. High schools have a national marketing association that has tens of thousands of student members. I have contacted the local head of this program and asked him to come to my class to talk. We could offer our assistance to them at the local, state, and national levels."

Jacob: "Finbar this is all well and good but what is in it for us? All this work for what real return"

Finbar: "I agree this is one of the reasons why we do not participate in activities that increase enrollments. The provost is asking us to increase enrollments but then administration is also telling us unless we publish we will not be rewarded. Perhaps we will be removed from teaching courses if we follow AACSB guidelines and do not have the correct number of publications. It is all well and good to come and tells us to assume responsibility when the reward system is just the opposite. We are being set up to fail."

Jacob: "Finbar is correct. You ask us to do the job that the administration has given to other people. How can you believe that this is fair?"

Seth "If we do not do this they will eliminate our jobs."

Rachael "Yes but how can we be held responsible for enrollment
s when it is in the hands of other people. This is not fair and it is not good to threaten others."

Provost "Well I am happy to have visited the department. I have another meeting to go to. Thank you for your feedback. We are determined to save the university and no one will stand it our way."

Chair: "Thank you for coming. We will continue the meeting after the provost leaves."

Finbar: looks and sees that the provost gets up and leaves taking with him Seth's report.

A few days later Finbar reads an e-mail sent to everyone from President Path.


From: President Path

To: All members of the University

I am happy to announce that the Board of Governors has hired the services of one of the best academic consulting firms in the nation. They will be doing a completely objective study of every aspect of the university. The team will present their findings to the board for approval after their exhaustive research.

We do not have too much time at the university left before we go out of business. We almost went bankrupt three years ago. The board had to take control but now that I am here this control should be in the hands of the president acting on behalf of the board. The board runs the university. The board has given me a mandate to put the university on a firm financial foundation for growth. We must act very fast if we are to survive. I will give this my total effort and I expect that you will all make the necessary commitments that add to our success.

Those who do not want to participate or attempt to prevent this success and the future of the university will be identified as obstructionists. We all must work as hard as I do and have the same kind of fun in doing so. I am on the go seven days a week from before dawn until late into the night. I am doing this for all of us. I could be doing other things with my life but this is what I want to be doing. We have so much to do and so little time.

So if you see some strange people on campus it is the group of independent consultants. They plan to meet with hundreds of people both in and outside of the university so what they find will be derived from an in depth analysis. This is a new beginning at the university and I will let nothing stand in the way of our success.

President Path CEO

Seth: "Finbar did you see President Path's e-mail today?"

Finbar: "No I have not had time to read my e-mail yet. What does he say?"

Seth: "This guy is great. He really tells it how it is. Things are going to change around here. I have been e-mailing him with many suggestions and he answers them all."

Finbar: "I agree he is a real force and we all want him to be successful. What did he say in the e-mail?"

Seth: "He is great. He is hiring a top consulting firm to give us the strategic answers. After they do their work things are going to change around here."

Finbar: "That is great. I have been waiting for a long time for a man like him to come to the university. I am happy he is now here. He will make a huge impact on all our lives."

Seth: "He has to do it and do it fast. There are too many people here who have been coasting for years. They will now have to begin to perform."

Finbar: "If top performance is his criteria you will end up a vice president."

Seth: "I am happy being a scholar. I am glad that you recognize how much I do for the department."

Finbar: "We all see what you have done for the department and the entire university. Keep up the good work. What did you think of the meeting with the provost? It was too bad that he had to leave so soon. He seems to also have his head on his shouldered. Did President Path hire him or did he begin before him? Knowing President Path the little that I do I am sure that this was his idea."

Seth: "That is exactly what I thought. The man has his finger on everything. He is a savior for us."

Finbar: "Seth you could be right. He does seem to believe that that is his role. What about the chair and not listening to any suggestions? What did you think of that.?"

Seth: "He is a gentleman."

Finbar: "I have found that to be a good quality in a person. I will take a look at the memo when I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know."


Admiral: "Our sources tell me that McCool is back at the university and the Line is determined to take him down. I do not know how far they will go this time. Finbar gave them trouble last year and they will not forget. We have received word that the Line has taken over the place. I do not know what they want to accomplish by taking it over? It seems like a great deal of effort just to get McCool. Check into the provost and president and get back to me with what you find. The president's name is Path. I am surprised that they hired that incompetent. There must be a reason?"

Captain: "Yes sir, I will get the information."

Admiral "Send Elaine to make sure that the professor is safe."

Captain: "Yes sir, what do you want her to do while she is there?"

Admiral: "He is single now. Have her move in with him."

Captain: "Should we tell McCool or let him think it is love?"

Admiral: "Let him think it is love. Maybe the fair Elaine will really like this assignment and finally find the right guy? I could be a matchmaker when I retire."

Captain: "Do you want to see her or do you want me to give her the assignment?"

Admiral: "I will talk to her. Send her to me today so she can begin her assignment tomorrow."

Captain: "Yes Sir."

Four hours later Elaine arrives at the Admirals office. She has been told nothing about the assignment. The Admiral plans to give her the orders. It is unusual for the Admiral to give an assignment to anyone under his command. Elaine enters the rooms salutes and stands at attention."

Admiral: "Sit down Elaine."

Elaine: "Yes sir."

Admiral: "How are things going for you Elaine?"

Elaine: "Very good Sir."

Admiral: "I have to ask you a personal question. Please answer honestly? If you have any reservations this will not effect your career."

Elaine: "Yes Sir."

Admiral: "Do you have a current love interest?"

Elaine: "No Sir."

Admiral: "Could you have sex with a man that you did not love?"

Elaine: "Admiral is this a personal question or does this have to do with the Service?"

The Admiral laughs and Elaine gets an embarrassed look on her face.

Admiral: "No, the question has to do with the future of our nation."

Elaine: "What can I do Sir?"

Admiral: "Do you know Professor Finbar McCool?

Elaine: "We met a few years ago at a fund raiser."

Admiral: "He is in great danger and he needs to be protected. There is a group of people in the world who wants to see him destroyed. These people will stop at nothing. We have information that he will be murdered. I want you to call and tell him that you want to see him. You have always believed that he is special and now that he is divorced you want to have a serious relationship. Move in with him as his love interest and keep him safe from harm. Call him now and get started. Elaine you are the best we have and this is an important assignment."

Elaine: "How do you know he does not have a girlfriend?"

Admiral: "Elaine with your charm and beauty the poor guy does not have a chance. Call him on our secure phone here in my office."

Elaine smiles and goes over to the telephone. There is a profile on Finbar McCool next to the telephone. She sits down and begins to read. A tear falls from her cheek as she reads the report. She picks up the telephone and calls. The telephone rings.

Finbar: "Hello this is Dr. Finbar McCool how can I help you?"

Elaine: "Is this the grand professor of marketing?"

Finbar: "Some say so but I do not think I am. Who is this? How can I help you?"

Elaine: "This is a secret admirer of yours. I have thought about you since the day we met. I finally got up the nerve to call you and tell you how I feel. Do you know who I am?"

Finbar: "Perhaps? Would you like me to guess? Of course I know who this is. I am amazed you called me. I was just thinking of you today and just how beautiful, charming, and intelligent you are."

Elaine: "I do not believe you Finbar. This was just my secret. How could you know this? So I will call your bluff and see if you know who I am. If you guess I will come to you today."

Finbar: "Wow, suppose I really know but I am afraid of love? Do you think I would then get your name wrong because of my fears? Because I want to fail in finding real love?"

Elaine: "It is possible you are just using this to cover up that you do not know who I am?"

Finbar: "Do you know how to get here? Can you drive or do I have to pick you up at the airport? How long will it take you to pack?"

Elaine: "I have directions that I got from the Internet. I will leave right now and I will be there by nine tonight."

Finbar: "I will be happy to see you again."

Elaine hangs up the telephone and gives the Admiral a sign that it is set. She gets up and leaves the office and goes to her car. She returns home and packs and begins her trip to fulfill her assignment.


Finbar looks out the window several times to see if Elaine has arrived. Finbar is happy that she is at last coming. He was immediately attracted to her when they met a few years earlier. Although they only said a few words when he touched her hand he could see their future together. Finbar possesses the Celtic gift of divination. A touch reveals the future to him. He was embarrassed at that time because he was going to Russia and still married. Finbar knew that his marriage was over but did not want to have an affair with Elaine. He saw that she would be too important to him. Finbar also does not like to use his Celtic gift for personal gain. He looks out and a car turns into the apartment complex. Is it her? Yes here she comes. Life is unbelievable. Finbar opens the door and goes out to meet Elaine.

Finbar: "Oh my God, I thought that you were someone else. I never guessed it was you Elaine. You really pulled the wool over my eyes."

Elaine: "I made the same exact mistake I thought that you were a different person. Since I traveled all this way do you think I could come in for a drink of water and I will be on my way back."

Finbar: "Let me take in your things incase you want to freshen up?"

Elaine: "Thank you that would be kind of you."

Finbar opens the door and Elaine goes in first. She turns around and they kiss for a very long time. Now if this was an x-rated story I would continue to describe what happened.

Finbar: "I am so happy you have come. I loved you since the first moment we met. Even though it was for such a brief moment I knew you would be here some day. I have thought about this many times."

Elaine: "Then why not call me?"

Finbar: "The Celtic path of timing and distance. I knew that there would come a time that you would come and that I should not attempt to speed it up or slow it down. Just wait for timing and distance to come together as it is supposed to."

Elaine: "Suppose that timing and distance did not come together for us what would that mean?"

Finbar: "Fair Elaine that would mean that the universe has let me down."

They both look at each other and smile.


Finbar gets up and kisses Elaine. He has to go to the university for a class. Finbar is all smiles and very happy. He sings as he gets ready to leave. The thoughts of yesterday are beyond his comprehension. He finds it wonderful that life is so baffling and so surprising. Elaine is a beautiful woman. Finbar does not know too much about her life and real interests. He looks at her and wonders what will happen between them? Although he had the Celt experience of divination when they first met he wondered how long it would last.

Elaine is a beautiful women. She is Asian heritage. Finbar believes that she must have been born and brought up in the USA. Her command of English and her intricate use of language reveals that she must be highly educated. Perhaps she was educated outside the United States. She may have been educated in many different nations. It is hard to figure out what her Asian heritage is but he thinks she must be Chinese. She has great legs and small feet.

Her personality appears to be very congenial and he thinks that she must be able to meet and get along with anyone. She has beautiful hands and wears very little jewelry. She has one ring that appears to be hand made. It is in 24ct gold. She also has 24ct gold necklace probably one oz of with a coin hanging on the end. The coin is an American five dollar gold piece. Finbar wonders how she came about the necklace and coin? Perhaps an ex- husband? Maybe family or a boyfriend? If she was born in Asia he thought she would have a coin from the country of her birth. She also does not wear a wrist watch.

Elaine has long black hair and brown eyes compared to Finbar's blue eyes and gray hair. She is very tidy and Finbar is messy. All her things are folds and put in order. She has a little nose compared to Finbar's big nose. How can she breath through such a small nose? Finbar realized that or her size she is very physically fit. She is solid and strong. When he kissed her he could feel the strength and wondered if they were in in a fight if he could win. Elaine slept with no clothes on. Finbar wondered if this was common for her and how long this would last? He also wondered what she must think of all his pillows and blankets. He sleeps with his bath robe and sox on. This started when he was a boy. He never shuts off his fan in winter and summer. Each room has two fans. They are run at high speed. He also has more clocks per room than a clock store. No matter where you are you do not have to move your head to figure out the time. Sailing clocks, chiming clocks, and many inexpensive wall clocks.

He has three televisions in the same room. One small color TV from Wal-Mart and the other from Costco in the living room. He has one more in the kitchen. He also has three computers and 4 printers. He has no house phone and just uses his cell phone. He forgets to take or recharge his cell phone many days. When he has his cell phone he turns it off and then forget to turn it back on. People tell him he is impossible to get through to.

Every inch of his place is filled with different things.

The walls of the a condo are covered in original paintings, Finbar's framed poems and lithographs. Almost every inch of wall space is covered.

Elaine pulls Finbar's ear to wake him up. He smiles and looks at her.

Finbar: "What do you want to do today? Come to school with me or do something on your own?"

Elaine: "I will come with the great Celtic Warrior."

Finbar: "Thank you but I fall short. I am a little baby compared to a real Celtic Warrior. I am afraid of my own shadow. Just say boo and see me jump."

Elaine: "Our you telling me you are a candy man?"

Finbar: "Worse."

Elaine: "Well all you men are candy canes. Women are the real warriors. Men just think that they are warriors."

Finbar: "You are correct I learned this long ago. I knew you were a warrior when we first met."

Elaine "How did you know this, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I saw it when we touched hands?"

Elaine: "So you are one of the Celts with the gift. Why did you tell me this? I did not think any of you ever told anyone? Are you kidding me?"

Finbar: "Because I know that you already know."

Elaine: "Where did you get this idea Finbar?"

Finbar: "From long ago."

Elaine: "I know."

Finbar: "Lets get ready and go to the University."

They both begin to get ready and have breakfast together. Smiling at each other all the time like two kids. They drive to campus and Elaine comes to Finbar's office."

Elaine: "Finbar you have such a small office. They must think you are very unimportant at this university."

Finbar: "Yes they think that the size of an office reflects on their status. I wish I could have heard them fighting for bigger offices starting with the president. Before he even got here he had to have his office enlarged. He is going to save the place and the first thing he does is to give himself a bigger office, a new car, a free house that he can keep, a big retirement package, and a lot more. It must have cost a lot of money and his office also took away another classroom. They never learn to lead only take. And take they do."

Elaine: "I know."


His office is one of the smallest in the university. Every inch is filled with books, book cases, photos, computers, maps, statues, a university chair and lamp, paintings, fans, papers, and a "we make tomorrow University Slogan". The offices was created by taking a large work space and dividing it into six small offices.

The room was originally set up with one heating and cooling vent. This vent was in Finbar's office. So Finbar would sit with the window open in a hot office in the summer with his coat on. The air conditioner vent for the entire six offices was right above his desk. In the winter it was so hot he did not think he could survive in there without the door and window wide open and his fan sending hot air out.

He sits at a large green chair and also has a chair with the university logo for students to sit in. Although he went to a different university he bought this chair with the University's logo to help his student feel school pride. The door has a large glass window that he put papers over so he could have privacy. Many professors go into their office and shut their doors but Finbar leaves his open when he is in. When he leaves he locks the door because people frequently enter offices and steal things.

Finbar has a telephone which can take messages. He never checks his messages and tells callers to send him an e-mail. When in the office he always answers the telephone. When Finbar goes somewhere he tells the secretary where he is going and when he will be back. The majority of professors never tell the secretary where they are and when they will be back. Finbar believes that this is fine and people should do as they wish.

Finbar had to buy his own radio, fan, heater, scanner, printer, and other computer accessories for his office. The department shares a large printer. He has his own refrigerator in the office and gave his microwave to the professor across the hall.

Finbar gives many books to the library each year. He buys used books and DVDs from Amazon.com. After he reads them he gives them to the library in recognition of another person. He probably gives 25 books a year. He never takes these contributions it off his taxes.

Finbar makes it a point to buy, read, show to all his students, and then give books that colleagues to the library. Of all the books Finbar has written very few colleague ever mentioned it to him. Once a associate dean said that one of his book was very philosophical and a marketing professor once told him he has a 30 page 250 page book. Each time he told his colleagues thank you and agreed with their assessment. A different dean once said that he had no right to put his marketing books on his syllabus to help student with their writing. It did not matter that these books were published by the American Marketing Association. If was not his job to help students with their writing in marketing. They should have learned this in high school.

When he first started he had a book published by the University Press. The books sold thousands of copies and was also sold by the American Marketing Association. The book received a big write-up in the newspaper and Finbar asked the university PR Department to contact the Wall Street Journal about the book. He got called in and told that the president did not want him to ask the university PR Department for help to push his book. If it was any good it would be found without the help of the University. Finbar agreed.


Finbar: "Elaine do you want to stay in my office or go to the library for a few hours? We can meet in the cafeteria at noon for lunch. The food is pretty good. It is fine with me if you stay but if a student comes please leave and come back in about 20 minutes. My door will be open so you will know if they are gone when you return.



Readers of Arkaim: Marketing Wars and Ancient Tea Route: Marketing Warriors are always asking me if Finbar is me. If you ask me I will tell you if it actually happened to me. Do I believe that there is a Line and Circle that have been fighting for thousands of years. Do I fight with the Circle against the Line? Does the fight effect marketing education and practice? Does this fight impact your life? Has the Line ever come after me? Yes, of course.

My www.skype.com name is dmorris693

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