Ask a Professor


Another item that I would like to learn more about is evolving technology and where the future of marketing lies in relation to these new mediums. Such as GPS systems and whether you think that these two will once have some or already have been used as marketing or advertisement tools.

Evolving technology comes from the military. You could find their calls for research on the web and see what they are currently interested in learning about and bringing forth.

Many would say technology is improving this country, but do you think that we are so technologically advanced in everyway of life, mainly marketing, that we are going to be in trouble because physically we cannot keep up with how fast everything is moving these days dealing with marketing or companies popping up left and right. Do you think that there will be a takeover of a few companies and corporations that can keep up with everything destroying mass marketing, or will everyone fail, or do you feel we will all keep up?

A great deal of technology is far from necessary. This technology is also dependent on a view of organizing labor. From my trip to India I was shocked how people were accomplishing the same things with very little technology. How many American doctors could function if their technology was removed for some reason? Very few I think. I believe we should have a massive effort in health care to teach them how to function without technology. If not and disaster hits they are useless.

Is it possible that the new technological fad of music videos, news, and movies downloadable to hand held devices such as telephones and I pod's, will make other things such as televisions and home theaters obsolete, since this new era of technology is being marketed more strongly to future generations?

Yes. Television and radio in the USA supported by advertising revenue has collapsed. This is why the mergers. One day soon some child will say the "emperor is naked" and it will all be gone in an instant. It is amazing to me that it has not yet happened.