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The Bible Left Behind

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor was visiting his mother. She decided to buy a new house and he went with her to look at the place. In the house the children of the previous owners left a box of books. In the box was a marketing book from the 1960s and a older large Bible. I asked the agent to ask the owners if I could buy the two books? She asked and they said I could have them.
I looked at the Bible and it was a family Bible that their parents had for a lifetime. The Bible had the history of the family from the 1830s. I felt bad and offered to give it back any time to any family member.

Marketing Application INDIVIDUAL

What ever I say is speculation. My thought is that our children do not value the things that we have valued in the past. As a parent who sees this trait in his own children. It is difficult for the parents. I suppose that this may even be an endless human condition.

If this is current thinking in our society derived from marketing propaganda a great damage has been done to all of us.

I hope I am just saving the Bible for the next generation of their family.