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The Great Consoler

Do different races have alpha and omega stories?
Yes within races, but their stories can be far different.
It depends on the alpha and omega story.
It may be that alpha and omega stories that refuse to allow outsiders to enter may have a racial component.
I believe that to be considered part of a Zoroastrian AO story. The child must have both parents born within the faith.

Do all alpha and omega stories have similarities?

Yes but almost no one will identify them.
When identified the alpha and omega elites will not let similarities prevail.
Power to the elites are in separating.
There are no differences in strategy for the science and math story devotees.

Is there a way to decipher and connect the alpha and omega stories to actions within a society?
Yes, but it is not easy to break through to identify the past.
We are the most blind to our own story and its pervasiveness in our lives.
Alpha and omega story holders have great difficulty sharing with other alpha and omega story holders.
There is a drive to keep overlapping understanding from all members of society.
Only members of other stories are aware of the negative impact of the dominant alpha and omega story on their lives.

Is there a way to apply alpha and omega stories to marketing?
Yes, that is what you will learn in your own way on this web site.
This proposed way to identify and decipher is a thinking or cognitive system developed and expressed on my three websites.

How is this any different from David Morris trying to create another alpha and omega story?
The stories stand but we change within our story moving to a more adult application and understanding of their message.
The story has guide posts to assist us through life from birth to death.
It is each of us within the community of story holders that must accept or reject these transitions.
Although there are guide posts our response is still individual with infinite personal interpretations.
Each exit and entrance into a new stage of life are guided by both our experiences and our place within the story.
The same words and rituals are different each day we live and grow within our story.

Do I have to give up my alpha and omega story?
If you do you will be rejecting who you are and will become.
It is impossible within the normative range.