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Photo: Joel Marks, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy


Episodes of The Professors

"The Professors is a weekly one-hour discussion program hosted by two professors at the University of New Haven. Dr. Joel Marks, professor of philosophy, and Dr. David Morris, professor of marketing and international business, interview prominent guests (or just dialogue with each other) about timely topics and timeless issues. The program originally broadcast on live radio every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to noon on WNHU-West Haven, 88.7 FM, from January 23, 2004 through July 1, 2005, with rebroadcasts of videotaped episodes on CTV (Citizens Television, Hamden, CT), Channel 28, since July 28, 2004. New videotaped episodes now appear exclusively on CTV every Thursday evening at 9 p.m. Citizens Television, Inc. http://www.citizenstv.net, is the community PEG (Public, Educational, Governmental) access provider of cable television programming for New Haven, Hamden and West Haven, Connecticut.

Dr. Joel Mark's Current Undertakings. We have 3 shows in Audio Tapes section of this web site

It compiles the monthly stargazing columns that Dr. Marks wrote for the New Haven Register for two years.

Joel's astronomical site, containing short essays rather than just stargazing highlights.

http://www.toastworks.com/moralmoments/essaysforgeneralreader.html This site is Dr. Mark's short essays on ethics, which he calls moral moments. For a complete list of published ones to date. http://moralandothermoments.blogspot.com/

This is the master site, which indexes essays on all of my sites.

Dr. Marks also has a book of very short essays, and would like to bring out as many more such books as possible on various themes. The book website is http://www.moralmoments.com

Contents of TV Shows

List of Episodes

October 10, 2003. Proto-episode. Topic: Value.

November 7, 2003. Proto-episode. Topics: Tomorrows lunar eclipse; string theory.

November 21, 2003. Proto-episode. (Marks is on for only half of show.)

December 5, 2003. The inaugural episode (but called The D & J Show).

December 19, 2003. Second episode of The D & J Show.

January 23, 2004. A new year and a new name: First episode of The Professors. Topics: Religion; grammar.

January 30, 2004. Guest: James Clement van Pelt, Yale Divinity School (research associate).

February 6, 2004. Guest: Jackie Arsenuk. Topic: Feminism.

February 13, 2004. We discuss the play Lonesome West.**

February 20, 2004. (Marks shows up for 2nd half.) We discuss Gov. Rowland et al.

February 27, 2004. Guest: James Clement van Pelt, Yale Divinity School. Topics: Mel Gibsons movie The Passion; faux forgiveness and homosexuality.

March 5, 2004. Guest: Jackie Arsenuk. (Marks there only at tail end.)

March 12, 2004. (Marks out of town.)

March 19, 2004. (?)

March 26, 2004.

April 2, 2004. Guest: Thomas R. Holahan, Ph.D. announces his candidacy for mayor of New Haven (seeking the Green Party nomination).

April 9, 2004. Guest: Tom Holahan (encore). Topic(s): Ireland and Iraq.

April 16, 2004. Guest: Georgia Chavent, professor of nutrition and dietetics at UNH. Topics: Obesity; vegetarianism.

April 23, 2004. Repeat episode (on tape).

April 30, 2004. Guest: Tom Holahan. (Markss first time operating the board. Morris out of town on assignment.)

May 7, 2004. Guest: Rusty J, WNHU blues DJ.

May 14, 2004. Guest: Rev. Paige Besse-Rankin, Woodmont United Church of Christ. Topic: Milfords Declaration of Tolerance, tolerance, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage.

May 21, 2004. Guest: Bill DeMayo, former UNH professor of accounting and treasurer. Topic: Return to Freedom wild horse sanctuary in Lompoc, California.

May 28, 2004. Guest: Tom Holahan. Topics: World War II, lying, terrorism, Pius XII.*

June 4, 2004. Guest: Andy Sauer, Executive Director, Common Cause Connecticut. Topics: Report card on the Connecticut legislatures good government legislation; the skinny on Gov. Rowland.

June 11, 2004. Guest: Priya Natarajan, professor of astronomy and physics at Yale University. Topic: Cosmology.

June 18, 2004. Guest: Tom Holahan.

June 25, 2004. Guest: Maureen Murphy, attorney. Topic: Same-sex marriage.**

July 2, 2004. Guest: David Knapp, who made national news in 1993 when he was expelled from the Boy Scouts for being a homosexual.

July 9, 2004. Guest: Tom Holahan.

July 16, 2004. Guest: Asha Bhandary, philosopher.

July 23, 2004. Guest: Matthew Corcoran. Topic: His upcoming publication, The Public Domain.

July 30, 2004. Guest: Phil Rosenthal, bluegrass performer.

August 6, 2004. Guest: Bob Crelin, dark sky activist.

August 13, 2004. Guest: Tom Kilts, Director of Pastoral Care at Griffin Hospital in Derby.

August 20, 2004. Guest: Matthew Griffiths, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of New Haven.

August 27, 2004. David holds forth ? (Joel is out of town.)

September 3, 2004. Dave & Joel. Topics: Return to Freedom wild horse sanctuary in Lompoc, California; dialogue; fundamentalism.

September 10, 2004. Guest: Thomas R. Holahan, Ph.D. Topics: 9/11 et al.

September 17, 2004. Guest: Robert Orr, architect. Topic: The New Urbanism.

September 24, 2004. Guests: Andy Sauer and Sid Garvais, Common Cause Connecticut. Topics: Gov. Rells ethics initiatives; the State Ethics Commission.

October 1, 2004. Guest: Lawrence J. DeNardis, President Emeritus, University of New Haven. Topic: Upcoming presidential election in Ukraine.

October 8, 2004. Guest: Tinatin Khidasheli, (former Soviet republic of) Georgian lawyer and activist. Topic: The recent political history of Georgia.

October 15, 2004. Guest: Seth Green. Topic: Citizens Forum.

October 22, 2004. Dave & Joel.

October 29, 2004. Guest: Ralph Ferrucci, Green Party candidate for Congress. Topic: Ralph Naders bid for the presidency.

November 5, 2004. Guest: Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. Topic: Animal rights.

November 12, 2004. Anver Emon, Yale Law School (visiting researcher). Topic: Islamic law.

November 19, 2004. Guest: Thomas R. Holahan, Ph.D. (Joel is absent.)

November 26, 2004. Dave & Joel.

December 3, 2004. Guest: Thomas R. Holahan.

December 10, 2004. (Joel is absent.)

December 17, 2004. Guest: Tinatin Khidasheli, Georgian lawyer and activist. Topic: Democracy Ukraine, Georgia, and the U.S.

December 24, 2004. Good cheer show.

December 31, 2004. ?

(or Episode 0501) January 7, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Tsunamis and evil.

January 14, 2005.

January 21, 2005. Dave & Joel.

January 28, 2005. Guest: David L. Katz, M.D., M.P.H. Topic: The American diet.

February 4, 2005. Dave & I.

February 11, 2005. Guest: Thomas R. Holahan, Ph.D. Topic: Groups.

February 18, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Cultural influences.

February 25, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Science.

March 4, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Transcendence of cultural literalism.

March 11, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Philosophy and rationality and dialogue.

March 18, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Textbooks.

March 25, 2005. Dave & Joel. Guest: Paul Goslin.

April 1, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: The hero.

April 8, 2005. Guest: Fanny Tran, composer.

April 15, 2005. (Joel absent.)

April 22, 2005. Guest: Raymond E. Grossi, Jr. Topic: Setting up a small business.

April 29, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Textbook marketing.

May 6, 2005. Guest: Will Duchon, pianist and activist. Topic: Shane Watsons imprisonment.

May 13, 2005. Guest: Alan Wong. Topic: Teaching.

May 20, 2005. Guest: Diane Polan, attorney. Topic: The Michael Ross execution.

May 27, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Items in the news.

June 3, 2005. (Joel is absent.)

June 10, 2005. (Joel is absent.)

June 17, 2005. (Joel is absent.)

June 24, 2005. Dave & Joel.

July 1, 2005. Dave & Joel. Topic: Spielbergs War of the Worlds.* (Final show on WNHU.)

Dave & Joel on location: North Haven Irish Festival. Taped on Sunday, June 26, 2005.

Dave & Joel on location: Lockets Meadow Riding Center, Bethany, CT. Guest: Kathleen Schurman (et al.), writer and activist. Topic: Rescuing PMU (pregnant mare urine) horses. Taped on Super Foal Sunday, July 10, 2005.

Dave & Joel on location: Lockets Meadow Riding Center, Bethany, CT (Part 2). Guests: Kathleen Schurman, Brian Smith, et al. Topic: Rescuing PMU (pregnant mare urine) horses. Taped on Super Foal Sunday, July 10, 2005.

Dave & Joel introduce several segments into the show: All of the Above (about astronomy), Business Not as Usual (about ethical businesses), and Yesterdays News Today (about items in the news).