The Wrestler and the Clown

Two Groups of us in the USA.
The first group really knew how absolutely dangerous the Soviet Union was to us and what they were capable of doing. This was a very small number of people.
The second group believed we were the absolute victors and masters of the universe. I was in this group for most of my life.

My Transformation.
As a child of World War II I thought that I would be successful. I believed that I had been predestined for success in life. Gradually I got the feeling that the words in "Animal Farm" were true and some animals were more equal than others.
I started to run into difficulties in school especially with the result of mass testing. I believed that my marginal scores were reflected in how the teachers were looking at my work and grading me. I believed that this was unwarranted from the forth grade.
I never gave into to the belief that this marginality on mass testing was an accurate indicator of my capabilities. This is still true today.

A Few Lies I Believed About the Larger Society.
Society is based on merit.
I did not have to study for mass testing and to do so was useless.
All ethnic and religious groups would treat me equally and fairly.
There are many answers to all questions.
The goal of education is to expand knowledge.
I was not vulnerable to propaganda.
I would do better than my parents.
If I put my mind to something I could do it.
We alone won World War II.

Which Was the Hardest to Identify?
Without a doubt it is our necessary post war reaction to the Russian defeat of the Germans in World War II.
After the war ended for us without our real military genius we would have been in real harms way. My guess, it was Eisenhower and his combining of the government and military that saved us even today.
This was our most guarded secret. Absolutely nothing else was more important.
Everything that has happened in my life can be linked back to this historic understanding.

Where Are We Now?
Study this site and come to your own conclusions.