Tigers Tamper

Will Those That Follow Current American Marketing Practice Change to a Storytelling Approach?
If it is subsumed within their AO assembled story.
This is why I refer to what is and has been as marketing wars.
Only a suggestion you may read or listen to my book on this site
Arkaim: Marketing Wars or begin anywhere on this site and learn as you wish.

What you will be doing is taking an asymmetric approach to learning and marketing. Because what you are learning here will not match what you have learned because the purpose of your learning is for the military protection of the nation.
NPR : Does Age Quash Our Spirit of Adventure?

"A nonlinear storytelling approach applies 6+ or -3 I's to an alpha and omega assembled story.  The I's are invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved. The first story we learn is told through our DNA." DM 2006