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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor had fears of a student.

We All Have to Live With
Intelligent Evil

Professor David Morris


I put this information on my website because most experiences where a professor is afraid of a student are not discussed openly. I have had a handful of times as a professor where had fear of a student for my safety and that of others. I actually believed that this student was sent by administration to disrupt and cause problems in my class to force me to retire. I was afraid to report this early because I though it would be used against me. DM 2006

The Student's Name is Disguised.

To: UNH Police Department
From: David Morris, Ph.D.
Date: 3/2/05

Ref: A Student's Behavior Toward Me in Class

This letter is in reference to SSS a student in my XXX Marketing class.

Since the class began SSS sits in front of the room and causes me endless aggravation and now fear.

Every class he begins typing on his computer and does not stop. One class I asked him to share his notes on a topic and he said he preferred not to.

Several times each class Mr. SSS literally laughs in my face. At first I was not sure and thought this may be unrelated to me.

I encourage students to bring in information to challenge what is said in class. I had discussed the high cost of interest on credit cards.

My position was based on a Frontline PBS show, personal experience, and consumer complaints and TV programs about credit card interest rates. SSS suggested in class that I was wrong in my assessment of these high costs. I believe I said look for an article and bring it to class to support that position. He did this and it appeared to support his position. I believe I said I am happy he found these but my findings were different and I would search for counter evidence. Again each time I showed counter evidence he laughed in my face.

I asked the students to assess a marketing piece I wrote for the University of New Haven. I also told them to be honest even though it was done by me. SSS suggested that his effort to understand was impossible. I repeated I wanted students to give an honest assessment. Again he laughed at me and assessed the experience as impossible to comprehend.

At this time I asked SSS if he was an engineer. He said yes and I said that perhaps he liked more concrete methods of descriptions. He said that he just did not like that particular work.

Another incident was in a discussion of how editing is used to control content in marketing. As an example I suggested that even letters to the editor were significantly changed. Mr. SSS again disagreed, laughed and said that I was absolutely wrong. I said that I would try to find editorial policy of newspapers on the Internet and check during the break. When I asked his experience in making this decision he said he worked on a newspaper at Penn State.

I ignored the constant laughter and behavior until two weeks ago when he laughed at me three or four time in rapid succession. I think I said to him that that I do not laugh at him when he says something to me.

All this behavior was uncommon but I have experienced difficult students in the past. I determined this to be a difference in point of view and to live and let live. I can say that as a professor I never to my knowledge have given a student a lower grade for saying or doing something negative to or about me.

Tuesday night I asked the class to read and assess several business and marketing poems I had written for me to write a research article.
I told them I wanted their honest assessment. I started the assessment before break was over and told the students I did not want this to consume too much class time.

SSS was taking a great deal of time and I asked how long he would be. He said not long. When he gave me the assessment I put it in the pile. When I got home I looked at the class responses and was frightened to see that SSS had pretended to not know that I had
written the poems and attacked the writer (me). This attack was frightening to me and I then wrote this letter.

This behavior is very unusual and I have not experienced such an attack from a student pretending that they were unaware that I was the writer.

Added together with previous actions I believe that this has or is going beyond a student and professor classroom relationship. I see this as an escalation of aggressive feelings and writing toward me.

March 15 05

SSS seemed to be happier. I got him to share his field in Engineering as an example of how strategic process can be held constant and applied to marketing and any other discipline. He did a good job.

April 2 05

SSSs midterm and final exam were good and he got a deserved A in the course.

April 13 05

I got my student course evaluations form several days ago and did not look at them carefully. I looked last night and SSSs was on top. It was so hostile that I thought I may still be in danger.

I leave it to your experience with such student professor relationships to advise me. I want to feel safe in my classroom. I also believe that a student does not have to agree with me. I do expect all relationships to remain cordial.

I am enclosing:

Four studies that SSS and the rest of the class filled out to assist me in my marketing research.

SSS's course evaluation.

SSS' midterm and final in Mk .

Three e-mails to the Dean.

One letter in draft form I am sending to the Provost.

A Faculty Grievance dated March 17, 2005. I have not heard any response as of today.

SSS Feedback on My Business Poetry

This is feedback on my business poems. The American Marketing Association has my business poetry on their website. SSS pretends that he does not know that he does not know who the poet is even though I told the entire class. This was my first indicator that something may have been wrong. I said nothing at this time because I believe a student does not have to support anything I say or do as a professor.

October 12, 2006 Email to SSS

I am contacting you to inquire about your presents as a student in my MK Marketing Class at the University of New Haven in the Winter 2005 semester.

Were you recruited, encouraged, or in any way influenced or rewarded by any employee or person on behalf of the University of New Haven to take my marketing class?

Were you given any direct or indirect guidance to perform any service(s) from anyone outside of the class related to our class?

Were you encouraged to influence others in our class in anyway by anyone outside the class?

Were you reinforced in anyway to write-up or report back to anyone connected with the University of New Haven in relationship to our class?

The reason that I am asking you these questions is that if verified these requests of any student are outside of the University, professor, and student relationship.

Any such actions taken by anyone at a University are putting students into a role that may have long term behavioral consequences. A student may because of short term rewards or recommendations develop long term self destructive career behaviors.

If this has been done to you by individual (s) I apologize as your professor and regret any damage that this may cause you as a person. I also believe that as my student you are their to learn and develop in the best possible ways.

Please let me know if this or anything else was in anyway done to you so it can be stopped for other students in the future.

As my former student I only wish you the best in you life.

David Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

E-mail Reply SSS

October 13, 2006
To: David Morris
To plainly answer your questions:

No, I was not recruited, encouraged, or anyway influenced or rewarded by any employee or person on behalf of the University of New Haven to take the Marketing class in 2005.

No, I was not given any direct or indirect guidance to perform any service from anyone outside of the class related to the Marketing class in 2005

No, I was not encouraged to influence others in our class in anyway by anyone outside the Marketing class in 2005

No, I was not reinforced (meaning?) in anyway to write-up or report back to anyone connected with the University of New Haven in relationship to our class.

Yet I was compelled to write to Richard Laria as the director of MBA programs to let him know you, sir, are the primary reason I am not still attending University of New Haven. Moreover, I let Richard Laria know that I advise everyone I know who is considering going to UNH for an MBA to look somewhere else. I think that as director of MBA programs, Richard Laria should know that you are a stain on an otherwise adequate grad school program.

Mr. Morris, I am speaking so plainly to you because I am someone who values higher education and feels compelled to cry foul when students tuition and time are wasted. Before briefly attending UNH, I earned three separate college degrees (BS in Mechanical Engineer at Penn State Univ; MS in Management of Technology at Fairfield Univ; MA in Religious Studies at Sacred Heart Univ). Now I am in an excellent MBA program at a reputable university. In fact, I am now attending my first real marketing class; and I am amazed at how much there is to learn about marketing and how fascinating the subject is. In the first hour of the first marketing class at my new school, I learned more than I ever did in a full semester with you in Marketing.

Your email below demonstrates perfectly what is so awful about your teaching methods. It is an incoherent conspiracy theory that completely misses the point and is as sloppy in thought as it is in delivery.

I had never heard of David Morris before the first Marketing class, but I soon witnessed your incompetence in the classroom and heard stories from past students who suffered your inane ranting.
Your email shows that when presented with criticism, you immediately surmise an outrageous theory that painfully avoids the obvious. It is totally laughable that you assume that there is a conspiracy against you so vast and coordinated as for students, like me, to be planted in the classroom to report back to an unknown nemesis of yours.


As with your attempts to create conspiracy theories about successful companies like Wal-Mart and Ikea, you miss the plain simple truth you are an awful professor and you are not qualified to teach graduate students or undergraduate students. In fact, its doubtful if youre even qualified to teach a high school gym class.

What was so awful about the Marketing class is this:

Instead of teaching students about segmenting a customer base and focusing on a target audience, you read your awful poetry and sought praise for it.

Instead of teaching how to position of a product to match it with customers, you complained about other professors and their lack of respect for you.

Instead of teaching the strengths and weaknesses of a brands, you bewailed your failed marriage.

Instead of teaching pricing policies for introducing a new product to the market, you engaged in shameless self promotion of radio show, cable show and books.

In general, instead of teaching anything cohesive or meaningfully related to marketing, you subjected countless students to the pointless ramblings of an imbecile.

As mentioned before, the email below perfectly illustrates my point of your disjointed rambling:

The word presents should be spelled p-r-e-s-e-n-c-e.
The line Were you reinforced in anyway to write-up does not make sense.

The line The reason that I am asking you these questions is that if verified these requests of any student are outside of the University, professor, and student relationship. is not a sentence and makes no sense.

The phrase their to learn should be there to learn
I seriously had to strain my brain to read your email several times to know what your email was saying/asking.

In short, Mr. Morris, I am being so painfully honest with you because ever since the second week of the Marketing class with you, I was appalled by your incompetence. I was even more infuriated that complaint after complaint by the students were ignored by directors and deans at University of New Haven. I have been in school long enough to know that when dealing with a school that is selling degrees and wasting time and learning opportunities, you have to take your tuition elsewhere and hit them where it hurts.
Good day to you, sir.
From: David Morris
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 3:14 AM To: Laria, Richard
Subject: Re: Out of Office AutoReply: MK
October 13, 2006

Richard Laria:

Who made the decision not to share SSS' or any other correspondences with me?

I had contacted the University of New Haven Police about my real fears of SSS and that he could be harmful to my students and myself. Which I still believe.

I was told by the UNH Chief of Police that he did not believe it was unusual to have a student such as SSS in a class. The Chief may have come to an entirely different conclusion if we had been openly informed by University administration.

I would like a copy of any correspondences related to SSS and who was aware of this and did nothing to inform and protect my students and me.

David Morris, Ph.D.

E-mail On 10/13/06, Laria, Richard wrote:
I will out of the office until Monday October 16th. I will respond upon my return. If you need to contact someone sooner, Please e-mail my assistant Kathy M Thank you.

E-mail To SSS: From David Morris

October 13 2006
Thank you for your feedback to me from my inquiry. I am happy you are interested in marketing and you are in a third Masters program.

I am happy to hear that your positions were not encouraged by anyone at the University of New Haven and that these insights are your own. I will take you at your word.

As a professor I have had many experiences with perhaps 1000's of
students from around the world.

If you would share with me your written statements about me sent to
UNH I would be grateful to you.

Your feedback would be helpful.

Again thank you.
David Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

E-mail To Richard Laria From David Morris
October 14 2006
From David Morris

I do not think you received my response to SSS.

I will copy you with any additional responses.
David Morris

E-mail To David Morris From SSS

October 15, 2006

Per your request, attached is the one and only statement prior to this Thursday, Oct 12th that I made to any University employee about the Marketing class and your teaching ability. I suspect that you already have a copy of this email.

E-mail---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SSS <SSS@yahoo.com
To: "Laria, Richard" <RLaria@newhaven.edu, "Lombardi, Debra" <DLombardi@newhaven.edu
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:19:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: New Course

To Whom It May Concern:

Please remove me from the University of New Haven mailing list (both email and post mail).

After suffering through the sadistic hazing ritual that is known as the "Intro to Marketing by Dave Morris," I knew UNH was not the place to get an MBA.

It is absolutely shameful that a place that calls itself a university would give a job to that imbecile and force students to take the class. Dave Morris made students suffer through his endless rants and never once taught anything related to Marketing. His rants ranged from tirades on Wal-Mart & IKEA, criticisms of fellow teachers, bewailing his failed marriage, reading his awful poetry. In summary, he was the worst teacher I have ever had to suffer through in 20+ years of education. Moreover, he is the reason I decided to not continue at UNH and why I tell other people to avoid your MBA program.

Dave Morris represents a waste in tuition money, a waste in student's time, and a waste of credibility for an otherwise adequate MBA program.

E-mail "Laria, Richard" <RLaria@newhaven.edu wrote:

Dear MBA Student:

The School of Business at the University of New Haven is offering an exciting fall course for those interested in a challenging and rewarding elective.

The School of Business is developing centers of excellence focusing on professional and active learning. In developing these centers student support and expertise is needed.

Working one on one with the center director, the course provides students with a learning experience in strategic planning, external networking, developing of promotional materials and budgeting. Since there is no designated classroom time, the course affords the student with flexible hours.

If you wish to enroll, please do so through normal enrollment procedures. Specifics of the course are listed below.

For additional information, please contact Rich Laria, Director of MBA programs at 203-932-7277 or rlaria@newhaven.edu.

Rich Laria
Director, MBA Programs

Title: MG 670a Centers for Excellence a service learning experience
Course description: Participate in Strategic Planning, marketing, and delivery of activities in support of the School of Business Centers of Excellence. Fields of study include; risk management, sports management, hospitality, entrepreneurship, women in leadership, and small business management.

Prerequisites: none

E-Mail To SSS From David Morris
October 15, 2006


Thank you again.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

I do not think that I am the first to receive one of SSS' attacks. I would guess there is a long line behind and in front of me. To be honest you strike fear in other people. Your positions are so aggressive that one is literally afraid of the possible reactions that you may be willing to take against them and others. I have had thousands of students and I have feared only a few for what they may be capable of doing to others.

I would categorize your aggressive behavior as a failure to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. May I suggest that you read a book "The Hero with the Thousand faces" by Joseph Campbell.

I do not believe that the addition of another Masters degree is a solution for your countless disappointments in others. From your first second in class you were and continue to be far more aggressive than the acceptable norms of our society. This is fine when a person is two but after that it is not acceptable.

When one is blinded by such uncontrolled rage do you think that they are capable of hearing anything that is said outside of their own internal context? Ok you can spell and I am happy for you. This does not make you an adult member of a society. Any gifts we have that is
used to harm others is a misuse. The cruel path of blind ego is eternal.

Your references toward me are perfectly understandable and I believe that they represent a great deal of adolescent pain. The real challenge to pain is that you appear to believe as the bully that you cannot be happy unless you are inflecting pain onto others.

You must be somewhat aware that to judge an entire institution on one experience is a bit child like. I have been very careful not to play into your pain and reinforce your negative beliefs in others with any negative reactions to your behavior. I continue to try to help you to
see that it is not a rewarding path that you are on.

I may not help you but I can say that I have tried many times. As I have told my own children if I cannot teach you life will. Let us hope you can move to a more positive path. I have spent a lifetime preparing for the SSS'. This is why I am a teacher and you are still a student.

David Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

E-mail On Laria, Richard <RLaria@newhaven.edu wrote:

Hi Dave:

The dean received a copy of the e-mail and told me he would handle this directly.


E-mail From David Morris

To Richard Laria
October 16, 2006
Thank you.

Marketing Application

If you are going to succeed in marketing more information must be made available to all students. Everything that SSS states is a point of view. It happens to disagree with mine but it must be recognized and faced openly by a professor, the student, other students, and administration. A student has a right to complain but not to have his or her words viewed as the final authority on what did or did not happen for others in the class.

We all hear and see from our own story. Assuming the story is within cultural safety norms it should be handled in a positive way. SSS must in my view learn to temper his feeling and state his opinions in a more professional way to function in a marketing environment. It is not what is thought or said but rather how others see these statements. Diplomacy is a path that is more productive in most strategic situations.

I will let you know how this goes. If anything happens? I would call me into the Dean's office and ask what is going on in this student professor dialogue? We will see? As of this day 01/20/06 no response. DM