Video Feedback

Nov 2007

Dr. Morris - saw your videos and web site doing my own search on "Storytelling".
I have been in the investing business for 20 years please see my thoughts below.

The Story Tellers
Whose Story are you telling?
I hope that as you aged and became wiser it has become apparent to you that all you thought you knew to be true was simply a story told to you by people that had a financial incentive to program your mind.
In the United States of America, programming your mind through story telling and myth creation is the highest return on investment for the Multi National Corporations that control your thoughts and behaviors.
Ask yourself of all the so-called facts you know - how did you come to know these facts?
The Stock Market always goes up.
Housing prices never go down.
Debt is inevitable.
Banks are safe and friendly.
Life is full risks so I need help.
Multi National Corporations have only one interest the MAXIMUM amount of GAIN for the LEAST amount of INPUT.
In the past companies actually produced real products.
However, they found out producing products actually requires INPUTS.
INPUTS like raw materials and labor have costs that reduce PROFITS.
What if we could sell something that had no cost?
Then the PROFITS would be limitless.
What has no cost? Stories & Myths
Deposit your money with us and we will magically make it grow, Brokers.
Borrow from us it is good for you, Bankers.
Let us protect you from life's problems, Insurance Companies.
These are the highest margin businesses in the WORLD because they only sell a STORY. These businesses are based on MYTHS they create and then spread through their paid Story Tellers.
So again, whose story are you telling?

Nov 16, 2007


Thanks a lot for contacting me. I am always happy to hear from people. Which video did you watch? I also have a website you may wish to look at.

As far as who's story am I telling, that is something that I do think about a great deal. Just how influenced I have really been by outside stories? I would say almost totally. I think it is impossible not to be influenced by these stories. They start from birth.

I have also found that to verbalize or bring forth other stories is not wanted or encouraged in any society.
What I would speculate is that you are identifying in your assessment a particular post World War I Western story. This was identified as the Manufacture of Consent. Look up the Creel Commission and Edward Bernays.

From my point of view other stories are competing against this story to move their own way to live life into the forefront.

I hope that I am transferring that to others that I am proposing that their are many stories at play and they compete for story power. This is often not a friendly competition.

Story followers transpose the stories and myths and add them to their unique circumstances.

There are stories in the world where there is no need to influence customers.
Again thanks for contacting me.
I will give you a call.


David - I am not over stating the fact that the work which you have devoted yourself helps to answer one of the most fundamental questions of the human condition - How Did I Become What I am?

I stumbled upon your work because I have been engaged in a process the past 3 years (since I turned 40) which I assume I share with many at this age which is "what do I believe and how did I become to believe it?"

I read somewhere "what and who you are is what you believe".

I agree.

Therefore, What I Know is Who I am - then who taught me what I know?

How did I or any of us in America come to know what we know?

This has truly profound implications.

I have had many eye opening experiences the past several years where what I thought I knew and based my life course on was only a story that I did not fact check when I was young.

My world view from 0 - 40 years old was 100% shaped by others. I of course did not know this - I thought I was making up my mind and the actions that followed based upon free will.

Free Will assumes that one is aware of the influences they are under - I was not.

Most people may never admit to themselves or others that they have been influenced or controlled = fear of the truth.

I believe your work is the key to understanding how we become who we are.

The term "Marketing" does not do it justice as it can only be applied to the "stories" that a company uses to influence the purchases of a specific product or service.

The larger question which you are addressing is what is the ENTIRE STORY(s) that created and maintains what has become modern America.

Your work has helped me to understand how my brain processes the world and all of it's influencers; economic, political, social, family and religious to shape what I know and therefore who I am.

I can not think of any higher calling.

Do not be discourage from critics whose whole Life will collapse like a deck of cards if they ever admitted to themselves that they are just a chess piece on someone else's board - and of course will always remain as such as they refuse to leave the Cave.



Thanks again. Send me a few specific questions that I can help you to think about.

Every time I figure out how influenced I have been by external stories I am happy. This is an indicator that I may be growing as a person.

The age 40 is a critical year in life. According to the Japanese and the Samurai teachings they believe that this is the first year of adulthood. Until that time we are still in a child state.

I would say that we have competing stories and exposures. I also believe that the first story is our Alpha and Omega assembled story.

This is the story given to us by mother. This is the strongest and most influential on us.

I am not sure we ever find the single self. This is because we evolve. Science seems to have put this onto us.

Western Science also cheats by forcing their worldview into a mathematical model. I thought about this today. I put it on the first part of my Introduction page of the M&S site.

I agree that the word marketing is not enough.

I had to use this to attempt to survive in a linear academic environment.

But when we can define a term we can make it what we want it to be.

So I still can use the word and let others come to their own conclusions about meaning.

You have been given an encoded story at birth. I would call it nonlinear. I believe it is genetic. Irish. Celtic

If true we have never had a thought that was not given to us.

This can be quite humbling. To think of how many generation it has taken to bring us to this point in our life.

Again thanks.