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1996 - 2008

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

The Big Boy Not So Long Ago

Photo of Dr. David Morris as a young boy



I will help you in your understanding and transition to a marketing storytelling approach. Until this occurs the application of linear marketing will be your downfall. It just does not work. Each day of my life my story changes. The story that follows is my 2007 website version. Of the millions of choices I thought this would be interesting and helpful to put this page into a context. Everything is true but it would not be my 2007 story that I would tell to my son.

My Story 2007
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David Joseph Morris, Jr.

David Morris, Ph.D. is a Professor of Marketing at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Morris received his Ph.D. in Instructional Design from Syracuse University in 1986. Morris is the author of many books, articles, video, and marketing poems. Dr. Morris was influenced by the work of
Joseph Campbell many years ago. Since that time he has been working to connect stories, myths, and fairytales to marketing and business instruction developed by the US Military. Professor David Morris has taught marketing in Ireland, Russia, Cyprus, and Scotland. Dr. Morris has consulted for companies such as Texaco and Bayer.
The great stories of any people and culture are keys to understanding the way in which people choose to live their lives. This is the framework from which our actions and non-actions are derived. Linear marketing has changed the philosophy of the society to one that reinforces over consumption. Business and marketing that apply stories, myths, and fairytales are without parallel. Cinderella sells more diamond rings a year than any ad or commercial.

A story is linked to a symbol and then the symbol to a product or service. The marketing of products and services are created and maintained through the 6+ or -3 Is of Marketing and Storytelling. To be most effective the consumer must not identify marketing as a form of manipulation. Everything that has been deemed to be marketing in the West is therefore without the capability to influence consumption. It is in an identified story that consumption is created.

Marketing textbooks have nothing to do with marketing practice. Textbooks created a perception of marketing success that was derived from military supported firms after World War II. Marketing textbooks are stories that lead readers to no where. Unfortunately these inferior textbooks have led to the rise of corporate universities. Marketing programs in universities are now doomed.

Tenure does not protect us anymore in our role of guiding students into adulthood. Administrators are now implementing post tenure reviews to assure that we cannot share with students outside of our rigid marketing textbook and journal structure. The exploitation of middle and working class marketing students by universities and textbook conglomerates is going to shock the world. It has shocked me. The Internet could bring about true academic freedom if professors' use it for others. This website is created in the knowledge that other professors will follow and share.

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David Joseph Morris, Jr., Ph.D.

Research Interest: Storytelling and marketing. Instructional design and marketing. The relationship between marketing academics and practice.

Teaching Interest:

Marketing at the undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA and doctoral levels including Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Sales Management, International Marketing Strategy, Strategic Marketing, New Product Management, and Marketing Theory

Academic Positions:

Chairperson 2005 Acting Chairperson of Marketing and International Business, University of New Haven 1998 Coordinator, Department of Marketing, 1997-98

Professor Marketing and International Business, Awarded September 1997

Associate Professor, Marketing (Tenured), 1991-

Assistant Professor, Marketing, 1986-91 University of New Haven Department of Marketing and International Business West Haven, Connecticut

Visiting Professor:

Marketing Department 2000, Ural Institute of Business, Chelyabinsk, Russia http://www.urib.ru/

Marketing Department 1996, Ural Institute of Business, Chelyabinsk, Russia. http://www.urib.ru/

Marketing Department 1994 Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Marketing Department 1989-90 Visiting Faculty Fellow, School of Organization and Management, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Marketing Department 1985-86, Guest Lecturer, Trinity College School of Business and Administrative Studies, Dublin, Ireland.

Marketing Department 1984-85 Adjunct Marketing Lecturer, Syracuse
University, School of Management, Syracuse, New York.


Internet Websites:

www.marketingandstorytelling.com 1996 - 2008.

www.irishcelticpoetry.com 1996 - 2008.

www.digitalinstructionaldesign.com 1996 - 2008.

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Invited Presentations:

Invited Presentation, Ural Institute of Business, April 2000 The Future of the Internet in Russia. Market practitioner from Chelyabinsk.

Keynote 1999 Fall Leadership Conference, Future Business Leaders of America, November 1, Meriden Connecticut.

Invited Presenter, 1999 Business Educators of Connecticut. (CBEA) If Marketing is Recognized it has Failed, October 20.

Special Guest Speaker Inter College Everything is Everywhere. Dhanaura, India Anniversary of Indian Independence.

Invited Presentation, 1999 Business Basics for the practicing Ob/Gyn Module C-Marketing. University of New Haven and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Connecticut Division, April 8.

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Invited Presenter, 1998 50th Anniversary of the Instructional Design, Development, & Evaluation, Syracuse University, Form, force and power: Strategy for strategists. October 9.

Invited Speaker, 1998 The Friday Club. June.

Invited Presenter, 1997 Globalizing the Curriculum to Meet the Demands of Industry and Business, CIBER's National Resource Centers for Excellence in International Business, Established by U.S. Department of Education, UCONN CIBER, at Center for Global Competitiveness, Fairfield University, Nonlinear Thinking in the Globalization of Markets. October 31.
Keynote Speaker, 1996 American Marketing Association Austin Texas Chapter. Market Power and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, May 1.
Rotary Club Talks, Meriden, CT January 1996, Brookfield, CT February 1996, New Haven, CT March 1996, Orange, CT May 1996, Westport, CT, Fairfield, CT July 1996.

Marketing presentation 1994-97 to New Haven SCORE Chapter every month to help with the marketing of small business.

Economic situation in the U.S. and in the world. 1991 Arts and Science Forum, University of New Haven, February. (panel)

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The Professors, 2004- With Dr. Joel Marks CTV Cable Show New Haven, CT weekly one hour public affairs program on academic topics and issues. This is a video a video version of the radio show and other shows done by Morris and Marks.

The Professors, 2003 With Dr. Joel Marks Radio Show WNHU-FM 88.7 weekly one hour public affairs program on academic topics and issues.

Live The Journey: 1990- Radio Show WNHU-FM 88.7, weekly one hour public affairs program on academic topics and issues.

International Executive Service Corps, 1999 Stanford, CT, (Volunteer) Sent to Egypt to assist Egyptian Government Agency in marketing strategy.

Leader and presenter of one day roundtable discussion for Organizations: 1999 Center For Quality Assurance, Cairo, Egypt, Marketing Against Overwhelming Odds, May.

Evaluator 1997 Adult Training and Development Network Workshop Marketing, Connecticut, August.

Judge 1997 National Case Study Contest. American Marketing Association February.

International Executive Service Corps, 1997 Stamford, CT, (Volunteer).

International Executive Service Corps, 1996 Stamford, CT, (Volunteer) Sent to Russia.

Live The Journey: 1993-95 The Television Show-MCTV, weekly one hour public affairs program on a broad range of topics and issues.

Sigma Beta Delta, 1994- University of New Haven School of Business Chapter, Founding Faculty Member.

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The Circle Whirls 1997. written for Russia, Read at the fifth anniversary celebration for the Russian students at the University of New Haven by President Lawrence DeNardis of the University.

Namaste: Great Circle 1997. written for the 50th Anniversary of India. Read at the 50th Anniversary and given out by Ambassador to the United States, Narish Chandra of India.

One Person 1997. written for the King of Thailand's 51st year as King. Marketing class project.

Irish History Roundtable 1997 (Poetry Reading) May.

Instant Interaction Conversation Friendship Cards
English/ Russian - Russian/English. New form of language system. Neither person has to know a word of the other language. They teach each other their own language and learn the other language at the same time.