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Where Others Will Not Go

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I found in my own life that it may be impossible to motivate another to take the time required to look at something outside of their set story. I ask my students to give something new or different to them at least 5 seconds. With the idea that one of these five second sacrifices will have real value.

I heard an interesting study on Public Radio where a professor found that after a very early age in our lives (and in the lives of animals) that we will not or cannot embrace anything new. The findings were interesting to me because after the age of 20+ we continue to listen to the same music, eat the same foods, and enjoy the same things.

You will probably think I am over stating when I say that I have spent 15+ hours a day for many years to put the websites up and produce the materials. I would say 10 years of work. 

I would also say that this time and effort should mean nothing to anyone but me. Many spend countless hours in activities that go no where. For example a hobby.

OK then why? Three reasons. 1. I suffered so as a learner I wanted to try to make it easier for others to learn. 2. I was born a nonlinear learner and because of this I would seek out and see endless connections. I wanted to create a learning system that would embrace both linear and nonlinear learners. 3. With my very broad education I always tried to figure out if there was an underlying philosophy that drove actions and thoughts.

I succeeded at these goals but access has been stressful because of limited resources and the elite story power holders. One of my marketing theories is to go where others do not go. I went on the Internet in 1996 at my university and with my own site. It took them 10 years at the University to realize that the Internet was a real form of access, so faculty were controlled and pushed off.

I also knew that in the world most academics were not literate with the computer and website creation. If I could learn this and bring forth my KSAs I would have a big advantage. Thousands of hours were and continue to be put into just trying to do my websites.

I also knew that very few academics, academic institutions, or consulting firms have the money to spend to have someone develop a website with different ideas that are given freely. Academics would also not do this because the Universities do not reward them when applying effort in new forms of thinking and teaching. They were trained to be linear and could not easily develop anything to do with instruction or thinking that would not fit into a nonlinear Internet.

When I was a young college student I came back to my town and began to discuss religion with my friend's mother. She was extremely kind to me for many years and very religious. I was not trying to hurt her feelings but rather just sharing what I had learned with her. She began to cry. Cry for me. This was shocking to me. I never forgot this because I would not want to have done anything to cause her pain.

Marketing Application INVISIBLE

In current society it may not be to a persons advantage to put their work and efforts into the context of their life. The current dominant academic story calls for pretending that findings are objective. When one follows a storytelling philosophy they support an understanding that no actions in institutions are allowed to flourish or be included that do not support the dominant story.